Minecraft Legends: All the mounts and where to get them

All the charm of the Minecraft universe is in the new spin-off of the Mojang saga. yes we talked about Minecraft Legendsa remarkable strategy and tactics game developed by Blackbird Interactive, which you can already find in stores and on Xbox Game Pass.

In Minecraft Legends our duty is to save the Overworld from the fearsome Piglins, who want to take control of the surface. Only we (together with golems, creepers, zombies and skeletons) can stop them.


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Thankfully, to more easily explore the open world, we have our trusty horse at the start of Minecraft Legends. However, Do you know that there are more mounts available?

In this Minecraft Legends guide we tell you how to get each mountunique abilities of each one and what benefits they can give us in combat.

All mounts and where to find them

In Minecraft Legends there are a total of four mounts. In the first place we have the horse, which accompanies us from the first bars of the game. He is our faithful companion, although we can change horses at certain times.

Let’s say the horse is the standard option. It is not the fastest, nor is it the most effective in combat, but it is a balanced choice (and with a certain charm).

Apart from the horse, there are three other mounts. Are the shiny beetle, the big beak and the royal tiger.

To get the other Minecraft Legends mounts, all you have to do is explore the map and visit other biomes. Each mount has its own preferred biome, and once you visit it you can befriend each species (and request their services).

shiny beetle

A giant beetle that has valuable and unique abilities to explore the Overworld. Once we rode on it, we can scale any structure and climb as if we were Spider-Man himself.

Of course, the shiny beetle has a problem: it is quite slow (more than the horse). This makes it a good choice for scouting high ground and climbing over Piglin walls, but perhaps not the best for melee.

To get the shiny beetle you must go to the jungle biome. They are very common in this biome, and you will be able to make friends with them very easily.

Big Beak

A colorful bird reminiscent of toucans. The large beak is a unique mount that has great ability. Or rather, two, because in addition to jump a lot (it is the frame that drives us the most), it can also to plan for the scenarios.

Walking may not be the fastest mount, but the large beak allows us to reach very high areas, and survey the battlefield from above. It is ideal for reconnoitering the terrain and planning our next move.

To unlock the big beak bird, you just have to go to the jagged peaks biome (north of the map). Later it is possible to find them in other biomes of Minecraft Legends.

royal tiger

The best ground mount, so to call it. Actually, the royal tiger (which is characterized by its purple color) is an evolution of the horse, since it no longer jumps nor can it fly or climb structures, like its two previous companions.

the royal tiger is faster and can run a continuous sprint, which allows us to explore flat areas much faster. In combat it is highly recommended, because we can ram enemies.

To get the real tiger you must go to the savannah biomeand find one of the kind to befriend.

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Minecraft Legends is available from April 18, at a recommended retail price of 39.99 euros. you can play it in PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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