How to get the Radar Rocket in Pokémon GO: all the methods

He Rocket Radar is an object of Pokémon GO necessary to confront the Leaders of the Team GO Rocket. In this pokemon go guide we tell you what is rocket radar and how to get the Radar Rocket. Let’s go there:

What is the Pokémon GO Rocket Radar? How does this object work?

we have three different ways to get the Radar Rocket in Pokémon GO. We tell you what each one consists of just below:

Method 1 to get Radar Rocket in Pokémon GO: fight against Team GO Rocket Grunts

The easiest (but also the most cumbersome) way to get a Radar Rocket is to defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts that we see throughout the game world, both in Pokéstops and in balloons.

The most direct way to get a Radar Rocket is by fighting six Team GO Rocket Grunts.

Each defeated Recruit will leave us a Mysterious Component. gathering six of them (i.e. defeating six Team GO Rocket Grunts) a Radar Rocket will be automatically created in our inventory.

We get a Radar Rocket by collecting six Mystery Components by defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts

Keep in mind that We will not be able to create new Rocket Radars if we already have at least one in inventorybecause Team GO Rocket Grunts will no longer drop Mystery Components after being defeated as long as you have at least one Radar Rocket in your inventory.

Method 2 to get Radar Rocket in Pokémon GO: buy it in the Store

The most direct method to get a Radar Rocket in Pokémon GO is buy it in the Store of the game. Keep in mind that It will only appear if we have assembled at least one previously by gathering six Mysterious Components.

We can buy Radar Rocket in the Pokémon GO Store

Each Rocket Radar is priced at 200 Pokédollars, except in periods in which there is a discount or promotion. They could also be added to a store pack.

Method 3 to get Radar Rocket in Pokémon GO: Research reward

The third method of all to get Radar Rocket in Pokémon GO is the least obvious and depends on the Special Investigations o Temporary Investigations that are active in the game. In some of them, we can get a Radar Rocket for completing certain tasks.

Certain Special Investigations such as those of the Community Days give us Radar Rocket as a reward

The Special Investigations that are most likely to give us a Rocket Radar as a reward are precisely those that have to do with the Team GO Rocket.

In our Pokémon GO guide we keep you up to date on the game, and we help you with other aspects such as how to redeem promotional codes or what types of Pokémon there are and what their weaknesses are.

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