Outer Savage dominated the Spiritual Rift Series

The Venezuelan League of League of Legends continues! The Spiritual Rift Series (SRS) is in the peak stage of its regular phase, demonstrating the talent of electronic sports in Venezuela together with LGAplay

Accompanied by our talented casters, days 13 and 14 of the SRS took place on Monday, April 17 and Thursday, April 20.

Spiritual Rift Series: Opening Split – Matchday 13

We start the day with the triumph of Guardians Esports vs. Axex eSport in which, very early in the game, he was pointing in favor of the maracucho team after dominating all the lines and meeting most of the objectives, which gave him an easy victory. Among the standouts in the game is Guardians’ Sweeho, who achieved a 7/3/6 KDA with Irelia.

Outer Savage brought in a Gragas from Adlercass against Alpha Gaming Center that stayed in the game with very good rotations, helping his team to close out the game very early and finish with a KDA of 6/1/9.

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The third game was Raijin Esports vs. PRO42 respectively, in which Raijin was victorious after both teams demonstrated their high competitive level. However, certain mistakes made by PRO42 cost him the game, thus giving Raijin the victory.

Closing this day with a flourish, the confrontation between 6 Routes Panter vs. Hooked e-sports that excited the league’s viewers; Thus beginning with an aggressiveness on the part of the sharks roster that served them to take the victory.

Spiritual Rift Series: Opening Split – Matchday 14

The last day of the regular phase of the SRS began with the confrontation between Apha Gaming Center and Axex eSport, culminating in a last victory for Alpha to say goodbye together with Axex to the Spiritual Rift Series.

The second game was between Hooked e-sports vs. Outer Savage in which the sharks started a promising match, but despite the effort they failed to get ahead of Outer Savage in order to give the astronauts the last victory in the regular phase and position themselves in first place in the regular phase.

Guardians Esports vs. Raijin Esports was the show of the night, being one of the favorite teams, being a very close game in which Raijin managed to take the victory and position himself in second place in the regular phase.

At the end of the 14th day, the seventh week and the regular phase, 6 Routes Panter faced PRO42 and the latter, thanks to their planned strategies, managed to dominate the lanes of Summoner’s Rift at the last moment and thus take the victory to position themselves in the third place of the regular phase.

Week 6 MVP: OTS Thundraz – Outer Savage

The #MVP of the sixth week of this Opening 2023 of the Spiritual Rift Series goes to OTS Thundraz, since his spectacular performance on the Rift translated into 2 victories for Hooked e-sports this new week of confrontations.

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