noblechairs LEGEND TX Review (Full Review in Spanish)

We bring you the Review of the noblechairs LEGEND TX, the latest creation from the well-known manufacturer of gaming chairs. On this occasion, we have a chair with a rather elegant and sober design, which draws directly from the design of that noblechairs ICONbut which is updated with some more striking and stylized aesthetic touches, with changes in shape and a new opening at the back.

The quality of the mechanisms is maintained and new functions are added to adjust different aspects of the chair’s ergonomics, including a lumbar adjustment system similar to that found in many cars. Also, in this version LEGEND TX Anthracitewe have a fabric finish that is much more breathable and comfortable with high temperatures than the leather or PU models.

Technical characteristics of the noblechairs LEGEND TX Anthracite Gaming Chair

  • Materials:

    • Steel (frame).
    • Cold foam (inner padding).
    • Fabric (lining).
    • Aluminum (base).
    • Nylon / polyurethane (wheels).
    • Polyurethane (armrests).

  • Integrated adjustable lumbar support.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • 11° inclination.
  • 4D armrests.
  • Adjustable backrest angle (from 90° to 125°).
  • Deformation resistant cold foam.
  • Durable Gas Hydraulic Lift (Class 4).
  • Certification of the office chair according to DIN EN 1335.
  • Steel structure.
  • 60 mm Nylon wheels.
  • Maximum load up to 150 kg.
  • Weight approx. 30 kg.
  • Includes pillows for lumbar and cervical.
  • Measures:

    • Total height: 132 – 142 cm.
    • Seat height: 48 – 58 cm.
    • Backrest height: 90 cm.
    • Backrest shoulder width: 47 cm.
    • External width of the backrest: 52 cm.
    • Internal width of the backrest: 28 cm.
    • External width of the seat surface: 52 cm.
    • Internal width of the seat surface: 33 cm.
    • Seat surface depth: 48 cm.
    • Armrest width: 10.5 cm.
    • Armrest depth: 27 cm.
    • Armrest height (lowest chair position): 67 – 74.5 cm.
    • Armrest height (highest position of the chair): 73.5 – 80 cm.
    • Inner distance of the armrests: 48 – 52 cm.
    • Inner distance of the armrests: 53 – 57 cm.

  • Price: 489.90 euros.

Before commenting on the general design of the noblechairs LEGEND TX, We are going to see how to assemble this chair step by step, which, as usual, comes completely disassembled. The good presentation of all the pieces in its box stands out, each one with its independent packaging, and a cardboard box with the necessary accessories, tools and screws in its own blister.

The first step is to attach the nylon wheels to the aluminum base. Each wheel has a small washer and a rubber stop that secure their fixation allowing them to roll freely. They are quite hard wheels, although the rubbery finish of the nylon prevents most scratches

We have a total of 5 wheels, one for each arm of the aluminum base. The lightness of the base stands out, but its internal shape guarantees its resistance.

The gas piston is placed in the central hole together with the three-level plastic trim that prevents the piston from being visible when fully assembled.

Before placing the seat on the piston, the base has to be fixed, but first we have to screw one of the armrests, since in the box the seat only comes with a fitted armrest. As we can see, there are three screws, each with its spring washer, and three rails with which the distance of the armrests from the center of the seat can be slightly adjusted.

Now we have to fix the main mechanism that regulates the inclination and allows the piston to be attached to the seat. It is attached using four of the included screws. The necessary Allen key is also included, so no tools are necessary.

Interestingly, the levers that regulate the lift and swing mechanism are not installed, but they are easily placed by pressure following the guides that both pieces have.

Now we can join the seat to the piston, placing it just above the central hole, once it presses in it will no longer move.

A striking detail that is not common to see in these chairs is the inclusion of a security screw that prevents the tilt mechanism from jumping when touching the lever. It is accompanied by a label on the lever itself that warns us of the danger of using the lever carelessly, since the backrest is not yet mounted, if we remove the security screw and pull it, the spring that regulates the inclination of the seat will cause the metal piece to move violently towards us.

To remove the security screw we can use the end of the Allen key, which has a star screwdriver tip, although in our case we had to use an additional screwdriver because the Allen key slipped.

Once the security mechanism is unlocked, we just have to align the two metal pieces and screw them to the backrest with two of the included screws.

Once assembled, all that remains is to place the plastic trim that hides the screws. A cover for the screw hole that fixes the trim is missing.

The noblechairs LEGEND TX would already be assembled, so we are now going to look at its design, which starts from the base of the noblechairs ICON but in this case with novelties in the shape of the headrest and also with that central hole that gives it a touch much more sporty but without breaking much of the sobriety of this chair, which flees from the striking aesthetics of many gaming chairs. In fact, it would not look out of place in an office or in a room dedicated to games.

This variant is the noblechairs LEGEND TX finished in anthracite gray fabric. Although it must be recognized that leather or even synthetic leather seats have a finish with a greater presence and “premium” touch, when looking for maximum comfort, personally I usually opt for fabric chairs.

Although in winter or with cool temperatures there is not much difference, when the heat arrives, the breathability of the fabrics makes it more comfortable to use this type of chair, given the heat and how “sticky” it can be to use a chair leather or imitation leather for hours in an environment with a certain temperature.

Despite this, noblechairs has done an excellent job in the finishes of the LEGEND TX, both the fabric and the seams, finishes and logos are noticeable at first glance that they are of good quality and resistance. It is made up of numerous pieces sewn with white thread, and we have not found any areas with bad finishes or misplaced threads.

The company includes two cushions with a dark gray velvet finish for the lumbar area and for the cervical area.

In the case of the cervical cushion, it is fixed to the upper part with an elastic band already sewn. Also noteworthy is the ease of removing the cover and washing it thanks to the use of a zipper.

The cushion for the lumbar zone can be placed simply supported, but elastic straps are also included that are easily fixed to the four corners, in such a way that it can be passed under the backrest and through the upper hole to adjust its height and let it stay fixed

The noblechairs LEGEND TX It has all kinds of mechanisms and adjustments to adapt it to the preferences of each user. All mechanisms are of high quality, with metal parts that feel resistant to movement and adjustment.

On the right side we have a lever in the lower area with which the height can be adjusted by pressing the upper button of the gas piston.

On that same side, already in the seat area, is the lever with which you can adjust the inclination of the backrest, the movement is smooth and the adjustment is precise, remaining fixed in the position where we stop pressing the lever.

In the lower area we have a large central wheel where the hardness of the tilt mechanism can be adjusted. This mechanism has a lock and unlock with an independent lever located on the opposite side of the height adjustment.

Another adjustment that the LEGEND TX has and that we have not seen before in any gaming chair that has passed through our hands is the regulation of the hardness of the lower back.

Through a small wheel located on the right side of the seat, we can adjust the hardness and the protrusion that is placed internally in the lower back, in such a way that it will exert more or less pressure on that part of the anatomy.

It is a similar adjustment, if not identical, to that usually offered by the driver’s seat of many vehicles and that, without a doubt, helps to adapt the shape of the chair to each back. In fact, in my case I don’t usually use cushions for the lower back, because they tend to be too wide and don’t leave much room for adjustment; however, the regulation of the LEGEND TX is much more precise and I have been able to adjust it to my liking very easily.

We now move on to the armrests, here noblechairs has placed their best mechanisms, very similar to those of the ICON, with a metal column and metal mechanisms that move fluidly and precisely, without awkward jumps or play.

The armrests have adjustments in all directions. Apart from regulating the height, we also have buttons that allow lateral movement of the palm rest area. We can also move them forwards and backwards, sliding on themselves, or regulate the angle of rotation to suit the user. For all this we have different buttons.

The material of the armrests, although it may seem plastic at first glance, is padded rubber that helps comfort when using it.

The padding of the chair is quite firm and does not deform easily, so we will not have that feeling of sinking as it happens with excessively soft chairs. It adapts well and does not deform with use, at least during these weeks that we have been using the noblechairs LEGEND TX.

The typical adjustments that it allows are very well integrated and the mechanisms are of high quality and very precise. Besides, Being able to regulate the hardness of the lumbar area gives it extra comfort that few chairs can boast of.

The latest creation from noblechairs has managed to position itself as one of the best options for the company and possibly the market. It is a chair with excellent finishes, very comfortable, with high-quality mechanisms and with adjustments for all tastes. In addition, it is available with leatherette finishes and also in textile like this LEGEND TX, a material that allows greater breathability than leatherette, ideal for long gaming sessions now that the hottest months of the year are approaching.

The noblechairs LEGEND TX costs 489.90 euros, and we will have to go up to 520 and 540 euros in the case of the LEGEND versions with leatherette or the Java Edition. It is a fairly high price if we compare it with the most common gaming chairs, but it is not out of place if the comparison is made with quality office chairs. And in this case, the noblechairs LEGEND has a level of quality in its excellent finishes and regulation systems that few chairs of that price match.

In short, the combination of a design that maintains much of the sobriety of the noblechairs ICON updated with touches both at the design level with the rear opening, and at the level of comfort with new elements to adjust it perfectly. makes this noblechairs Legend TX undoubtedly the best gaming chair that has passed through our hands and a rival to beat.

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