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The Tax Agency continues its particular crusade against those who intend to evade their tax responsibilities. This time the objective of the Public Treasury is once again the youtubersespecially those who reside abroad.

We are all Treasury and youtubers too

They say that in this life there are only two things inevitable: death and taxes. And the first thing remains to be demonstrated. Apparently hehe Tax Agency continues in its efforts not to lose a single penny from those who try to flee to tax havenslike Andorran youtubers.

This can be deduced from the information published today by El Economista according to which: Treasury “will apply a general rate of 24% to those artists, athletes and professionals or fans of social networks, such as youtubers, influencers either tiktokerswho do not reside in Spain but who carry out events or sponsorships in our country ». Although those residing in countries in member states of the European Union may be taxed at 19% (F for Andorra).

And it is that the practice of creating a company through which to pay taxes on certain events or sponsorships while they reside in another country seems to be a common practice that the public treasury is not willing to consent to. the same Rubius has already been in trouble with the highest tax authority for carrying out practices of this nature.

Not only events, but also sponsorships

We do not know if these latest events will mean that the fourth edition of ESLAND will have to be held in Lisbon, but it has already been confirmed that the next one will be held in the principality of Andorra. Newspaper information He not only talks about events, but also about sponsorships.

From FullEsports we ask ourselves, are all the ads that creators make from their homes but are aimed at Spanish territory included in the package? For example, the latest promotion of The Grefg with Redbull or a WillyRex advertisement for its menu with the Great Mediterranean Family would have to be paid for by Non-Resident Income Tax (IRNR).

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