Dota 2: Beastcoast and Evil Geniuses drop in DreamLeague 19

dream league 19important competition of dota 2 which distributes more than a million dollars in prizes and which is described by certain experts as the “Champions League” of this video game, began with a promising campaign for the South American teams in the first group stage. Unfortunately, the situation has radically changed and both beast coast as Evil Geniuses they are just one more series away from being eliminated from the tournament.

On the sixth date of the second group stage, beast coast accumulated another defeat against Shopify rebellionNorth American team composed of most of the former players of Evil Geniuses. For its part, the new EG faced Tundra EsportsEuropean power and current world champion of dota 2. Unfortunately, although they were able to succeed in one of the games, the Peruvian-Bolivian squad ended up falling to their opponent.

Only one more date is missing for this stage of DreamLeague 19 And now that the teams in the top positions of the table have already secured their passage to the next phase, the teams with Peruvian players depend on their victory tomorrow and the results of other participants in order to advance to the playoffs.

Beastcoast and Evil Geniuses are about to say goodbye to DreamLeague 19

the squad of beast coastmade up of Peruvian players ‘K1’, ‘DarkMago’, ‘Sacred’, ‘Scofield’ and ‘Stinger’had to be measured against Shopify Rebellion. The national team gave their all to succeed, but their rival prevailed with a resounding 2-0 and took the necessary points to stay in the top four places in the table.

By Evil Geniusesthe alignment composed of Peruvians ‘C.Smile’, ‘Matthew’, ‘Panda’ and ‘Pakazs’, besides the Bolivian ‘Wisper’managed to snatch a game from his rival Tundra Esportsbut the European squad was able to overcome and closed the series with their victory with a score of 2 to 1.

After these results, beast coast and Evil Geniuses tie for fifth position with ogwhich leaves them out of dream league 19. Both teams will depend entirely on what happens on the last date and, above all, if Beastcoast can beat Tundra Esports.

Dream League 19 continues

Games will continue and end on Thursday, April 20. The eight squads that still remain in the important competition after the first group stage will only have one more chance to score points to position themselves in the top four places in the table, which ensure their permanence in the competition for the playoff stage.

The games that will take place on April 20 and their schedules are as follows:

  • beast coast vs. Tundra Esports – 4:00 in the morning
  • TSM vs. Shopify Rebellion – 7:30am
  • Gaimin Gladiators vs. Evil Geniuses – 11:00 in the morning
  • og vs. Team Liquid – 2:30 pm

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