Oscar de la Hoya sets $100,000 challenge for Canelo

Boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya has challenged current Mexican fighter Canelo Alvarez to a golfing challenge that will be worth a huge amount of money.

The promoter was speaking during an interview with La Opinion when he talked about his relationship with Canelo and other details.

From the pot went back to 2018 to remember when Alvarez tested positive for clenbuterol and was sidelined for six months.

Although ‘The Golden Boy’ backed his fighter then and now, he explains: “The critics will always remember the clenbuterol; I think it was an innocent thing. Canelo is a clean fighter, a fighter of honor. He wants to do big things , he wants to make history.”

On the present of Cinnamon and the defeat he had against Russian Dmitry BivolDe la Hoya said: “I’m not criticizing Cinnamonthe criticism is for the promoter for how they are managing their career.

“I wouldn’t have fought Bivol, not at that time; you have to prepare him for that fight, which was so difficult.

“A fight with Bivol could tear down his legacy, it could retire him, maybe. It was a difficult fight for Cinnamon.”

De la Hoya’s challenge to Canelo

Looking ahead, the former promoter wants his ex-representative to give him a shot at golf.

“I would tell him: ‘I’ll challenge you in a game of golf for 100,000 dollars a hole.’ That’s what I would say to him. Let’s go,” were the words From the pot laughingly used to tempt Cinnamon.

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