Crusher to the Finetwork KOI team!

As Anonimotum has just reported, Crusher would have reached an agreement to participate together with Finetwork KOI in the next divided from Super League. The tents would thus achieve their first piece for the new roster which promises to return the illusion to the fans.

Crusher, the first Finetwork KOI booster

According to the sources of anonymitythe first reinforcement of the Spanish organization would be crusher. The group of Ibai and Pique would have opted for a coach who is not only talented, but also with experience managing winning teams.

Crusher, who has been several times champion of super league and LPLOLwould reach the set of Finetwork KOI after an ephemeral passage through the LEC alongside Fnatic’s main roster. The Portuguese coach meets again with she knew and with a Roof who showed his best version by his side.

Despite the poor result achieved in the British organization, no one doubts Crusher’s talent. According to the rumors, would have been considering various offers but the one with the tents would be the most attractive. Another of the teams that would have tempted the Portuguese coach would have been UCAM Tokiers.

More changes expected in Finetwork KOI

Although it is true that the team in Spain is just an academy and should focus on training talent, the latest result is inadmissible for the organization. After the debacle that not having participated in the Super League playoffs by koiBig changes were predicted.

Training talent does not prevent having a competitive team that fights to win the Super League and the first one to know is himself Ibai. As she already promised in a streamingwhere he was especially affected, the roster would undergo several changes and the incorporation of crusher it would be just the first of these.

Although the offseason is still calm, mainly due to the fact that the EMEA masters and LECthere are highly sought-after free agents for whom numerous teams are already in motion.

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