DoDIT in Distrito Digital in Alicante, setting for the organization of world esports competitions

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Alicante, April 14, 2023.

Since the foundation of DoDIT, the company has carried out more than 270 broadcasts related to the gaming-esports environment, which have reached a cumulative audience of more than 15 million viewers.

The DoDIT Entertainment facilities, located in Valencian Community Digital Districtin the city of Alicantehave been consolidated as a referential space for the organization and development of large and competitive audiovisual productions in the esports and video game industry, both nationally and internationally. The implementation of these actions has the support of the Society of Projects for Digital Transformation (SPTD) of the Valencian Community and GGTech Entertainment.

Since its foundation, approximately two years ago, DoDIT has produced and broadcasted more than 270 broadcasts linked to gaming-esports environmentwith an audience reach of constant growth. Likewise, large companies and publishers in the sector, such as Riot Gameshave renewed their confidence to carry out qualifiers, semifinals and finals of different World Championships of important video games in Digital District in Alicante.

Throughout 2022, at the facilities of DoDIT broadcast a total of more than 1,100 hours streaming on more than 8 languagescovering emissions for different countries on 4 continents and arriving at one cumulative audience that has exceeded 15 million of viewers.

From Alicante to the whole world
Internationally, the facilities and sets of digital district hosted last November actions as important as the organization of the Western Last Chance Qualifiera European and American qualifier that gave access to TFT Dragonlands Championship (TFT), the first World Championship of the video game of Riot Games produced entirely in Alicante.

One more year, in digital district the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Masters European Continental Grand Final (Amazon UEMasters), the main esports competition between university students in Europe. In the 2022 edition, the championship had the participation of 220 players of 30 universities from 15 European countries.

At the national level
In the facilities of DoDIT is also currently organizing and producing the Storm Circuitthe main competitive structure of esports in the amateur environment of Riot Games in Spain, in which more than 30,000 players and more than 8,000 teams, with the aim of enjoying their favorite games, winning prizes and aspiring to the professional leagues.

The 2022 season of the competitive structure came to an end last August. The facilities of DoDIT in digital district were the headquarters where the Grand Final of the competitions of the Storm Circuit

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