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Battlefield 2042 Patch 4.1.0 Arrives Today Bringing Additions, Fixes, and Other Tweaks

We are already very close to the end of the month of March and we cannot say that we have had a calm start to 2023, since we can no longer count on the fingers of one hand the number of new releases that we have seen.

In addition to new games, we have also seen great updates arrive for titles that have been on the market for a while such as Battlefield 2042, the last DICE release at the end of 2021 and that did not go well at all due to a large number of problems that occurred in that moment.

Battlefield 2042 receives a patch again with more fixes

Currently the game is in its fourth season of content and it can be said that it looks much better than when it started and you can enjoy the experience, In addition to having a lot of new content to get.

The key for DICE to have fixed the problems of Battlefield 2042 has been the constant addition of updates to add content and also for the correction of errors, the latter being the most frequent arrival and that today continues with the 4.1.0 patch that adds mostly more fixes and balance adjustments, which are too many to list here and which you can see in the full patch notes.

Battlefield 2042 continues to be updated and we hope that DICE will continue to support the title for much longer, at least until the next installment arrives.

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