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Halo Infinite now has a new patch available to correct different problems

These first months of 2023 have been a real madness in terms of new releases of very important titles, with the past being Resident Evil 4 Remake the latest great addition to the video game market and which has turned out to be one of the biggest successes in what we have been up to now. of the year, so we are looking forward to seeing what more surprises are to come in the coming months

In addition to new games, we have also seen great updates arrive for titles that have been on the market for a while such as Halo Infinite, a title that has been in its third season for several weeks now, which brought a lot of technical innovations in addition to all the new content available. .

343 Industries releases new patch for Halo Infinite

In this season 3 we have already received several updates with even more content such as the events that have been arriving since its inception, with Fracture: Firewall being the last one that has been available and that it will be active again in a short time.

But updates for bug fixes are also important, something that Halo Infinite still hasn’t even come close to getting rid of, which is why 343 Industries is accelerating support-focused patches, like the last one that has been released and that already is available for download on all platforms.

Little by little the recovery of Halo Infinite is being seen and we are looking forward to seeing what more news is to come in the coming months.

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