Amparo Marco reserves one million euros to help clubs excluded from ‘Endavant Esports’

He Castello Town Hall continues to seek solutions to offset the economic consequences they will suffer the 14 clubs from the capital of La Plana that will leave the Endavant Esports project for the 2023/24 season due to disagreements between the Castellón town hall and the Villarreal CF –driver of this sponsorship project– in recent years. One of them is the motivate companies in the city to collaborate with sport and this is how the mayoress, Amparo Marco, made it known to the affected teams in the second meeting that took place this afternoon at the Patronat d’Esports after failing to reach an agreement with Fernando Roig in their meeting last week.

In fact, the first mayor He has already contacted several of them in recent days and there has been a good willingness to collaborate and that the clubs can continue to compete as up to now despite losing the important economic contribution that Villarreal has made with them for approximately two decades.

These companies have been provided with the economic data of the 14 clubs excluded from Endavant Esports and now it is a matter of specifying each particular case for the next sports course since each sports entity received different amounts (ranging from 385,000 euros to 5,000) by the club he presides over Fernando Roig based on a series of criteria that served as a sieve.

the great hope

But, in the event that private capital is not enough for the clubs to move forward and not find it impossible to go out and compete, the mayoress of Castelló has reserved a million euros from the councilorSports Day to complete the economic contribution for the next season 2023/24. In this regard, during this afternoon’s meeting, in which Amparo Marco was accompanied by the City Council adviser, Jaime García, and by the activities coordinator of the Patronat d’Esports de Castelló, Juan Luis Llopthe formula that was going to be used to grant this financial aid to the clubs has not been discussed and a little has been left at the expense of different collaborations can be closed with companies in the capital of La Plana in the coming months before removing that important economic amount from the council.

It should be remembered that the 14 clubs that have been excluded from Villarreal’s Endavant Esports project are only from the city of Castelló and that sponsorship will be maintained in the case of entities belonging to other municipalities of the provinceas well as the individual athletes and the three competitions that are also supported by the Submarine, as well as the football clubs with which they have had a collaboration agreement for seasons.

Thus, those who will come out of the Villarreal umbrella will be CA Playas Castellón, TAU Castellón, CFS Bisontes Castellón, CV L’Illa Grau, CV Mediterráneo, CV Grau Castellón, CD Balonmano Castellón, Club Natación Castalia Castellón, Hockey Club Castellón, Club Waterpolo Castellón, Club Patí Castalia, Club Triatló Tritrail de Castelló de la Plana, Club Nados Nados Castellón and Club Natación Azahar Sincro.

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