KTC M27P20, full review and analysis in Spanish

We begin today’s session with a review of the KTC M27P20an impressive 27-inch monitor that stands out for its exceptional 4K Mini-LED panel that combines a refresh rate of 160hz with certification DisplayHDR 1000. If it also does so at a really competitive price and offers many other features, this is a really interesting monitor.

Technical Specifications of the KTC M27P20

KTC M27P20
Panel AUO Fast IPS – Quantum Dot
Mini-LED with 576 zones (2,304 LEDs)
Diagonal 27 inches
Format 16:9
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
refresh rate 160hz
FreeSync Premium / G-Sync Compatible
Response time 1ms(MPRT) / 3ms(GtG)
Glow Minimum: 480 nits
Typical: 600 nits
Peak HDR – 1000 nits
DisplayHDR 1000
Contrast 1000:1 – 1M:1 (HDR)
Color 1073.7 million colors (8 bits + FRC)
100% Adobe RGB / 96% DCI-P3 / 100% SRGB
viewing angles 178º / 178º
connectivity 2 x HDMI 2.1
1 x DisplayPort 1.4
1 x USB-C PD3.0 90W
1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
USB hub: 2 x USB 3.0
Medium Tilt: -5º to 45º
Rotation: +/- 45º horizontal / 90º vertical
Height: 130mm
VESA 100
Others Integrated 2x2W speakers
Flicker Free
Low Blue Light
Dimensions With base: 617.8 x 531.5 x 185 mm
Without base: 617.8 x 364.2 x 64.8 mm

Packaging and Accessories

We begin the review of KTC M27P20 facing its large and robust cardboard box, which makes it clear that this model has a Mini-LED panel per flag.

Inside, we find the accessory kit on the first level and the monitor on the second. Everything is surrounded by a thick foam frame that also organizes it perfectly.

The accessory kit includes the user manual, a quick guide and a calibration report that certifies the accuracy of the factory colors.

On the other hand, we find the base in two parts, a 240W power transformer (to be able to offer PD charging from the monitor) and a complete set of cables that includes the power cable, an HDMI 2.1, a DisplayPort 1.4 and a USB- C for the interconnection of the hub to the PC.

KTC M27P20

We continue the review of KTC M27P20 finally facing the monitor, which arrives with a white adhesive film protecting its panel. We are facing a model with a simple design, but with minimal bevels both on the upper margin and on the sides. In this way, you specify some dimensions of 617.8 x 531.5 x 185 mm with the base attached, reducing to 617.8 x 364.2 x 64.8 mm without it. Meanwhile, her weight is 7.4kgwith the base on, although it is not an advantage or disadvantage as it is a product that we will surely move little.

Removing the protective film we find ourselves before a 27-inch AUO Fast IPS panel diagonal that offers a 3840 x 2160 UHD/4K resolution pixels. However, what is really surprising is that it combines a 160 Hz refresh rate and a 1 ms (MPRT) / 3 ms (GtG) response time to make it an ideal peripheral for gamers. Obviously, it requires a graphics card to match, although we will take advantage of it until the last frame thanks to the technologies FreeSync Premium and G-Sync Compatible.

But the great qualities of your panel do not end here. On one hand, the KTC M27P20 specifies a 480 nits minimum brightness and 600 nits typicalwith peaks up to 1000 nits in HDR content. Being a Mini-LED panel and having local dimming, it offers a total of 576 zones and 2,304 LEDs that allow a distribution of lighting according to the image represented. This, coupled with a typical contrast 1000:1 and maximum of 1M:1 in HDR modeallows obtaining the DisplayHDR 1000 certified, being therefore ideal for the reproduction of multimedia contents. If we add to this that we are dealing with an 8-bit + FRC panel that allows up to 1073.7 million colorsno wonder it promises to cover the palette DCI-P3 at 96% and the sRGB at 100% with a value DeltaE<2.

He KTC M27P20 It has a fully configurable base, as it allows height adjustment up to 130 mm, placing it vertically, turning it to both sides by 45º and rocking from -5º to 45º.

The lower margin is somewhat thicker, but not too much, with the KTC logo centered and the hole for the cable gland being seen on the base, already quite typical in upper-middle-range monitors.

RGB LED lighting

A very “gaming” aspect of the KTC M27P20 is that it has RGB LED lighting on the back, both in the ring that surrounds the base support and in two “wings” that finish decorating it.

In the lower left corner, right from the front, we find a comfortable joystick that allows us to move through the OSD menu, quite complete and functional.

KTC M27P20 connectivity

Looking down we find the connectivity of the monitor, quite wide and versatile. We thus meet 2 HDMI 2.1 video inputs and one DisplayPort 1.4 inputa port USB-C that allows access to content and PD charging of an external device with up to 90W, a 3.5mm headphone output and a hub for 2 USB 3.0 ports thanks to a USB-B connector.

KTC M27P20 tests

We start in the review of the KTC M27P20 to carry out our battery of tests to reveal its performance. First of all, we must emphasize that the combination of a panel of 27 inches with a resolution UHD it is perfect, eliminating the visibility of the pixels even at close range.

color analysis

First of all, we analyze the color representation of this monitor with our calibrator, which allows us to verify how exceptional it is. covers the sRGB and Adobe RGB color palettes at 100%but it is that it even covers the 94% the DCI-P3. This places it at the level of professional monitors for editing and design, even above economic models focused on this purpose.

gloss analysis

In the same way, we analyze the maximum brightness throughout the entire panel, showing that although it is around 350 nits in SDR contentthe uniformity is really good with a standard deviation less than 8.

In addition, we must emphasize that this panel does not have no type of image defectread bleeding, clouding or glowing.

gaming performance

We finally come to the review section of the KTC M27P20 most important thing for a gaming monitor: its gaming performance. This is where this monitor really becomes a delight, since the combination of 4K resolution with 160 Hz and a very short response time allows you to enjoy games at the highest level. Playing on it is really a joy.

Latency with LDAT

These gaming qualities are evident by analyzing the response time “end-to-end” with LDAT. It boasts an average of 25 ms that places it around other gaming models, most of them QHD, obviously with some distance compared to 360 Hz models already focused on professional players.


Once we have completed the review of the KTC M27P20, we can conclude that we are facing an exceptional gaming monitor in general terms. The combination of a diagonal of 27 inches with a resolution UHD/4K guarantees an excellent image definition, while we have been able to verify how its colorimetry is exceptional, worthy of a monitor for professional designers. But if we focus on the merely gaming, its panel 160Hz Fast IPS It is a guarantee to enjoy any game, offering very low latency and a truly enviable experience for most gaming models. In addition, we must highlight that it is a model with hardly any bezels, with a fully configurable base and that has the aesthetic detail of RGB LED lighting on the back side.

We can find for sale the KTC M27P20 in Geekbuying by €789.99 with coupon NNN7UH4ISXL 10 euros discount with shipping from Europe in 1-5 days. It is a really sensational price if we take into account that for that amount we can find IPS LED models, while we are dealing with a Mini-LED with great image quality.

Main advantages
+ very competitive price
+ Excellent gaming features
+ Great image definition, 4K / UHD
+ Excellent color reproduction, at a professional level
+ Mini-LED panel with local dimming of 576 zones
+ Minimum latency with its 160 Hz / 1 ms
+ Fully configurable base
+ HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4 and USB connectivity
+ KVM-enabled USB 3.0 hub
Negative Aspects
upgradable plastics

From The Computer Tinkerer we grant him the Platinum Award to monitor KTC M27P20.

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