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  • Microsoft has reinvented Teams so that its users can save time and collaborate more efficiently.
  • This new version of the app forms the foundation for future next-generation AI capabilities already announced as Smart Briefing or Copilot for Microsoft Teams.
  • The authentication and synchronization model has been improved, as well as the notification system, to guarantee a smooth experience for professional clients with multiple accounts and users.

Microsoft today introduced the preview public of new team. With this update, the application has gained speed, productivity, flexibility and intelligence: it offers performance up to 2 times faster and uses 50% less memory, in addition to improving your user experience to make it more intuitive. Developed thanks to feedback of its customers, Microsoft has reinvented Teams so its users can save time and collaborate more efficiently. These enhancements also provide the foundation for new experiences enabled by generative AI, such as Copilot for Microsoft Teams, which was announced earlier this month.

Since its launch in 2017, Microsoft Teams has sought to consolidate all communication and collaboration tools in one place – chat, calls, applications and files. More than 280 million monthly users, Teams is used both in the workplace, academic and personal. In addition, Teams has fueled innovation by third parties, such as ISVs, professional developers, and system integrators: they have created more than 1,900 applicationsavailable in the store, in addition to 100,000 custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with the Teams platform.

The improvements introduced in the new version of the application focus on the following aspects:

  • higher speed. Microsoft had a goal of doubling the performance of Teams using just half the system resources. To achieve this, the entire platform has been reviewed and the data, network, chat and video architecture optimized. The company has worked with the independent consultancy GigaOm to quantify the results. The app and meetings launch twice as fast. And memory consumption has been cut in half, compared to the previous Teams.
  • more intuitive. The latest version of Teams offers a streamlined, feature-rich user experience. With just a few clicks, it makes it easy for users to keep track of their notifications, find information, manage their messages, and organize their channels. Thus, they work more efficiently and productively.

  • greater flexibility. The company has improved its authentication and synchronization model, as well as its notification system, to guarantee a consistent experience for professional clients who have multiple accounts. For example, customers who collaborate with people outside their organization and need to use Teams with different users: now, thanks to the new update, they can be signed in to all accounts simultaneously and receive real-time notifications no matter which one they are using. at that moment.

  • Smartest. This new version of the app forms the foundation for future next-gen AI capabilities already announced as Smart Briefing or Copilot for Microsoft Teams. Next-generation AI will facilitate teamwork, providing a summary of what has been discussed in a meeting before joining the meeting or answering your questions in the chat, following the flow of the conversation.

Jeff Teper, President of Microsoft Collaborative Applications and Platforms, he considers that this last point of intelligence can still offer much more. “We are only beginning to use the power of AI in Microsoft Teams. We are always looking for ways to provide a more intuitive and feature-rich experience for our customers.”

Availability of the preview public of the new Teams

Microsoft plans to make Teams available to the general public by the end of the year. However, professional clients using Windows can now access the preview presented today -previous registration by the administrator-, as well as the end users of the Public Preview program.

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