This game breaks families, but it’s tremendous fun. For less than 4 euros, get one of the best cooperative games for PlayStation – Overcooked

Thanks to an 80% discount, we can purchase this fun game through the PS Store.

The number of games there are that break families! And no, I’m not talking about Monopoly, in this case I mean one that’s a little more frantic and fun. I’m talking about Overcooked, which allows us to be all cooks and work as a team to get all the dishes out on time, while we prevent our kitchen from burning or blowing up.

Addictive to say the least, social relationships are put to the test by having to work under pressure while avoiding all kinds of problems and obstacles. Now we can get it for a very small amount of money thanks to a 80% discount and, as if that were not enough, its second installment, Overcooked 2, is also on a discount, being able to obtain the entire saga for less than 10 euros. Of course, do not think about it too much, because the offer ends.

What kind of game is Overcooked?

overcooked is a multiplayer game designed to be played cooperatively by up to 4 players. Set in the Kingdom of the Onion, we will have to save it from catastrophe through the creation of wonderful dishes. However, the task is not that easy and our workspace is chaotic. So we found a lots of levels in which all kinds of setbacks occur. Fire, changing scenarios, angry customers, earthquakes, floods… All kinds of situations that will force us to coordinate to get the recipes out.

always since the humor, the main task of the game is to work in a team. We are talking about games that last a few minutes, but that will force us to pay our full attention while preparing various dishes such as sushi, hamburgers, fish, soups…

Buy Overcooked for PlayStation for 3.19 euros

It is an ideal game to play with both friends and family, being perfect for social gatherings or to keep the little ones distracted. Not to mention that it forces them to react quickly and constantly stimulates them. Thanks to the scores, we will get motivation to replay this title over and over again trying to do our best. Also, if we want more, we can turn to its sequel, as fun as the first.

Ps4 Overcooked! + Overcooked! 2 – Double Pack

Overcooked is available for PlayStation at €3.19 from PS Store. In the same way, Overcooked 2 is about to 6.24 also through this platform. Of course, this offer will be available Until the 30th of March. For PC players, you can get it through Steam, but its price is higher. And the same thing happens from the Xbox store or from the Nintendo Switch. Of course, in the case of being lovers of Physical formatyou can find a pack of the two games at an interesting price from Amazon.

If with all this you still want more, you can consult our Overcooked news section and you can also comment on them with other members of the community by joining the 3DJuegos Discord server.

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