“They want us to believe that all the ills of this country originate from the Fuegian sub-regime” – Government of Tierra del Fuego

The Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Antártida and Islas del Atlántico Sur, Gustavo Melella, again came out at the crossroads of the neoliberal economic gazes of the PRO, the Civic Coalition and Together for Change, while defending Law 19640 and the sub-regime of Industrial Promotion before this new onslaught of the opposition.

On this occasion, in two articles published by the newspaper La Nación, the economist Matías Sturt, described as “a mandatory consultation by the Civic Coalition”, criticized the “protectionism” towards the Tierra del Fuego industry that, in his opinion, generates distortions in the prices of textile and electronic products, among others, while representing a high fiscal cost for the country.

On the other hand, in a similar publication, the economist Carlos Melconián announced that he is preparing a “shock plan” that will seek to change the rules of the game in the Fuegian sub-regime.

For Governor Melella, these new challenges to Law 19640 “is a classic of the liberal sectors, especially in an election year.”

“This new attack on the Industrial Promotion sub-regime should not surprise us. It is a constant on the part of some economists who analyze the reality of different sectors of Argentina from an office in the city of Buenos Aires, ”he criticized.

The Governor revealed in this sense that “now it was the turn of one of the Civic Coalition operators, before it was some economist from the PRO, tomorrow statements from another enlightened one will come out. In short, that is the position that Juntos por el Cambio maintains. It is the one that he carried out during the four years of the Macrismo government and it is the one that he will implement in case he reaches the government again ”.

“We Fuegians know exactly what they are talking about,” he added. Today our province continues to grow in terms of job creation, production, and expansion in sectors such as the hydrocarbon industry, tourism, technology, the knowledge economy, fishing, and primary production, but Tierra del Fuego families are not They forget what they experienced from 2015 to 2019: historic loss of purchasing power, loss of job sources, factory closures, precariousness in every way.”

For Melella “there is nothing new behind these analyzes that emerged from an Excel spreadsheet. The Illuminati of Together for Change want us to believe that all the ills of this country originate from the Tierra del Fuego sub-regime. That is to say that 0.35 percent of GDP –which is the real incidence of the sub-regime- is what causes the fiscal imbalance, the one that threatens competitiveness, the one that generates price increases, etc”.

“They have no idea,” he criticized, “they don’t know what the reality is that exists in our province. They never speak in terms of sovereignty, geopolitical issues, population strategy. In short, speeches of a neoliberal dogmatism that is not only unsustainable from the theory, but its devastating scope has been proven in the reality of hundreds of thousands of Argentines in general and Fuegians in particular”.

In this context, the provincial president once again appealed to the representatives of Together for Change in Tierra del Fuego to “explain what the scope of the fall of the sub-regime would be. That they speak to the Fuegians and tell them why thousands of jobs are at risk in the province and that they are going to witness once again the closure of industries. All this in pursuit of a supposed fiscal balance that can only be verified from a desk in a CABA office.

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