The United States suffocates the most important microprocessor brand in the country with a siege technique

Loongson and LoongArch are two key companies for Chinese technology, but they are in trouble.

There is little doubt that we have already put both feet into what looks like a second cold war and this is one in which technology is going to play an even bigger role. The control of microchips or semiconductors is crucial to strengthen the geopolitical position of the nations. Perhaps that is why a few months ago the United States included several Chinese companies related to this sector on its blacklist. An attempt to strangle the production of technological materials that has intensified in recent times and that affects a company hitherto immune to restrictions.

Technology and geopolitics are already two inseparable words

Loongson is one of the most powerful brands of microprocessors in China thanks to a particularity: use their own technology which depends on another company (LoongArch) that is also based in the Asian giant and with which they are associated. This means that Western countries have greater limitations to exercise control over them. However, their blacklisting of the United States and its partners It also leaves her in a strangled situation. Loongson uses automated electronic design technologies from the USA and LongArch equipment for its factories that is also built in the American country.

These processors are essential for China because they have multiple uses and, among them, are the military. In fact, the country came to prohibit its international export, including Russia. The geopolitical map tells us that both nations should be allies on all fronts. However, from the Asian giant they are particularly protectionist with this type of tool. With this you can get an idea of ​​how important they are for them, the aforementioned Loongson processors and, in general, all the work carried out by the country’s technology firms.

American companies that want to sell Loongson the necessary materials so that they can continue producing microprocessors will need to obtain an export license from the US Department of Commerce. A task that looks complicated and gives rise to great pressure. There will come a time when Loongson won’t be able to create new CPUs using the tools it has today and LoongArch won’t be able to maintain its factories. Since we have talked about the cold war, the metaphor now invites us to compare the movement with the siege techniques.

Technological control is fundamental to geopolitics

The new measures that leave companies companies without access to software and other essential design tools for the creation of microprocessors puts the country in a difficult situation. We are not telling you anything new when we tell you that the planet is going through one of the most important moments of geopolitical tension in recent years or that it does not seem that things will be resolved tomorrow afternoon. As point out our colleagues from Xatakaone of the few ways is break the ties of dependency with the West by creating your own tools. That path requires a lot of money, which might not be a problem, but also a lot of time. When the clock is counting down, going against it is always the last wish.

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