TFT: Guide to play Bel’Veth

Bel’Veth is one of the best tokens when built correctly. Find out how to play this Threat composition with this guide.

Bel’Veth was for a long time a strong piece that went under the radar and had never managed to find its place in the different compositions. However in this 13.5 patch the Void Empress increased her dominance and currently when you play around her, she becomes one of the best compositions you can have on your Teamfight Tactics (TFT) board.

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Comp Bel'Veth TFT
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This is a table of intermediate difficulty, but in which you must know how to play with your economy, having great streaks of victories and defeats and then use the gold to buy expensive chips. Bel’Veth will be your main carry dealing a lot of damage and melting your enemies. Meanwhile, Ekko will be the fundamental piece when it comes to tanking the damage of the other squads. For his part, Fiddlesticks will provide CC and Miss Fortune will execute everyone who comes across his ultimate. You may have a hard time surviving the early game but if you manage to complete this team you will secure the top spots in your lobby.

Magnifications and Carousel

Clearly Bel’Veth’s Hero Augments are the best you can pick when playing this table. However, if you have to choose a Hero in the first rotation, you will try to look for Vi supp so that your team has more health. Second Wind will be an Augment that will help you in various fights as well as Heavenly Blessing. As for Platinum Increases, your best options will be Level Ups and High Level Purchases, since both will allow you to quickly reach the percentage of appearance of epic tokens (4 cost). For its part, in the Carousel phase you will prioritize the components of Attack Speed, Greatsword and Critical.


Your priority when making items will be Bel’Veth and that is why you will give him Last Gasp (Critical + Attack Speed), Infinite Edge (Greatsword + Critical) and Mercurial Cloak (Magic Resist + Critical). Ekko will be the second token we will build with Winter’s Brink (Tear + Armor), Thornmail (double Armor) and Dragon’s Claw (double Magic Resist). Fiddlesticks will apply Morellonomicon Heal Cutter (Life + AP) and give Miss Fortune Shojin (Tear + Greatsword) to use her ability as soon as possible.

That’s all! Enjoy this Bel’Veth composition with which you will surely be able to secure your first places.

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