Summary LEC Matchday 8: Oscarinin shines in his first derby

LEC Day 8 summary

Very intense day League of Legends In Europe, the LEC shared a lot of action and closed with the historic derby between fnatic and G2 esports. The highlights of the days begin precisely with this duel where Fnatic surprisingly prevailed against G2 with great solvency. In turn, the orange squad got their ticket in the best-of-three phase, thus redeeming themselves from divided of winter. Others who managed to advance to the next phase were Astralis, Vitality, SK and koi. While Team BDS he took the opportunity to be the solo leader, having the opportunity to be champion of the regular season on this Monday. Relive every encounter of the Day 8 of the LEC in this article.

BDS remained the sole leader while SK, KOI, Vitality, Astralis and Fnatic secured their place in the group stage / Via: LVPes

EXCEL Esports vs. Astralis: Crimson star making steady progress in the LEC

New recital of Astralis in the LECthe crimson team continues to cause a sensation and it is not surprising that it has become one of the most interesting teams to watch. Opening Day 8, Astralis crushed EXCEL thus signing its classification to the best of three stage. The crimson star will repeat his presence in the second phase of the LEC but this time he makes the pass more easily.

It is not very difficult to analyze that this great improvement in Astralis has come with the signing of Adam Ilyasov «LEADER«. He midlaner Norwegian has raised the level of the team a lot, especially with his synergy with Doğukan Balcı «113«. This duo does not stop wreaking havoc in the LEC and EXCEL was no exception among the victims. 113 and LEADER they swept the British outfit with two flagship picks in their arsenal. Viego and Irelia were the respective choices of the stars of Astralis who without complications got a very quick win and the ticket to the group stage.

MAD Lions vs. SK Gaming: Elyoya reinvigorates the illusion of MAD Lions

The lions breathe from the hand of Javier Prades «elyoya«. MAD Lions returned to victory in hours of need and are excited to move away from the knockout spots. MAD Lions third win of the season, lThe lions beat SK Gaming and they do it with a level that they haven’t touched for a while. The architects of the victory were elyoya and Zdravets Galabov”hylissang«.

The duo of ideas and projection put MAD Lions back on track to victory. The most notorious appearance was that of Elyoya, the Spanish jungle once again had a good performance after some weak days. He Read without of elyoya and the pyke of hylissang they crushed an SK that bet on scaling. The aggressiveness of mad lions returned to be accompanied by good executions and with this they get a vital victory to move away from the bottom of the table.

KOI vs. Team BDS: LEC surprise claims to be TOP 2

Total confusion for the tents, although the scare did not last that long. On the birthday of Ibai Llanos, KOI fell to Team BDS but managed to qualify in the same way to the group stage. The purple set failed to prevail over the revelation of the divided that continues to make people talk. standard and clean game of team BDS that shines again thanks to Juš Marušič «crownie«. The Slovenian shooter who is being one of the figures of his team and of the LEC, takes a step forward again and Put your team in the TOP 2 of the regular phase.

On the other hand, koi he failed to secure the best-of-three pass by his own hand. However, the subsequent defeat of Team Heretics ensured koi and SK Gaming finish the regular phase above the TOP 8 thus getting both their ticket to the next phase.

Team Vitality vs. Team Heretics: Bees rampage and lend a hand to others

French victory in the duel between Vitality and Heretics. The group of bees stepped on the accelerator after the terrifying throw of the previous day. Vitality beats Heretics in a game where Zhou Yangbo «Bo» redeemed himself with a great performance. The Chinese jungler was key in Vitality’s victory with a Wukong more accurate than in past editions.

With this victory, Vitality climbs the LEC leaderboard, being able to fight for the TOP 2 in the last day. On the other hand, Team Heretics he sinks as a bottom player in the company of EXCEL Esports and leaves sensations that they will not pass the phase unless something changes drastically.

G2 Esports vs. Fnatic: Oscarinin shines in his first classic in the LEC

Fnatic extends its streak by taking the classic against G2 Esports. The orange team continues to rise in this spring LEC and gives an important blow on the table by winning the Derby LEC legend. Fnatic defeats G2 in the classic and does so with a phenomenal performance by Oscar Munoz «oscarinin«. The young Spanish player stood out enormously in his first edition of the derby with a fearsome Jax, who also qualifies Fnatic to the best-of-three phase.

There was no better way to qualify for the best of three than by winning the historic LEC derby. Fnatic surprisingly crushed G2 with a great performance oscarinin and the other Spanish member, Iván Martín «razork“, who stole a Baron Nashor key. The orange team stretched its streak to four straight wins and gets into the next phase of the LEC for the first time. fnatic complete the first step in your path of redemption qualifying for the group stage and with a day to spare.

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