Pique’s Kings League features Neymar, Messi in triumphant Camp Nou final

Former FC Barcelona defend Gerard Piqué and Twitch streamers Ibai Plains pulled off an incredible first season of kings league. The seven-a-side soccer competition culminated Sunday at Camp Nou with a triumphant Final Four event.

Pique, 36, and the organization released a commercial prior to the start of the Final Four to announce that neymar will own a Kings League team next season.

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In the ad, Neymar kidnaps Pique and refuses to let him go until he gives him a team, which didn’t take long at all.

Neymar, 31, was reportedly present at the Camp Nou with fellow Brazilians ronaldo and Ronaldinho. The latter will also own a team in Pique’s league in the upcoming edition.

while Lionel Messi wasn’t physically present at Camp Nou, he was there in spirit, largely due to the entire crowd chanting his name as a way of telling him to return. Ronaldinho recently expressed his desire to see Messi retire at Camp Nou.

Camp Nou sold out for Kings League

Over 92,000 fans were present at Camp Nou for Kings League, all of whom chanted “Messi,” sang “Happy Birthday” to Llanos and watched “The neighborhood“become the first winning team of the competition.

The event featured a super bowl-style halftime show between games and other big names in attendance were Sergio “Kun” Aguero, David Villa and Barcelona president Joan Laporta.

Kings League, which drew over 2 million online viewers on Sunday, has attracted a huge social media following due to its rules being different than traditional soccer.

Having unlimited substitutions, a tie-breaker penalty shootout and “secret weapons” make for a dynamic game that rakes in views due to its influencers.

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