More than 2,500 participants start the Pone Freno 2023 Racing Circuit in Badalona

The Badalona Ponle Freno Race has kicked off the Ponle Freno 2023 Racing Circuit, with more than 2,500 participants. The entire collection has been allocated to the Hospisport program, of the aforementioned Catalan Sports Federation for Persons with Physical Disabilities.

Badalona has kicked off the Ponle Freno Racing Circuit in 2023, a meeting point for all the cities committed to Road Safety, in a year in which the action promoted by Atresmedia, together with its strategic partner AXA Foundation, celebrates its 15th anniversary since it began its intense work to reduce the victims of road accidents.

Ponle Freno’s race in Badalona has been supported by more than 2,500 participants and has had the presence of Ruben Guijarro (Mayor of Badalona); Teresa Gonzalez (Councilor for Sports of the Badalona City Council); joseph alfonso (President of the Ponle Freno-AXA Center for Studies and Opinion and General Director of the AXA Foundation); Inaki Lerga (director of the Ponle Freno-AXA Center for Studies and Opinion); Josep Armas (director of AXA Catalonia); rosemary sea (patron of the AXA Foundation); Eva Maria Laguna (CGA Marketing Director); july burst (Sogefi); john hidalgo (commercial director of Davasa); Ana Iglesias (manager of the Montigalá shopping center); Víctor Huguet (Head of Marketing at Hyundai Motorprim); jordi batet (manager of the Hotel Marina Badalona); Josep Giménez (President of the Catalan Esports Federation for Persons with Physical Disabilities); jose louis white (former Olympic athlete and president of La Sansi) and Álvaro Pitto (commercial director of Atresmedia Eventos). Together with them, they have been present the ambassadors of the Ponle Freno Manu Sánchez Racing Circuit (director of ‘Noticias de la Mañana’ on Antena 3) and Martin Fiz (World Marathon Champion).

The funds raised will go to the Federació Catalana d’Esports de Persones amb Discapacitat Física

As in all the Ponle Freno races, the funds will go to awareness and prevention projects or in support of victims of traffic accidents. On this occasion, they will go to the Hospisport program, of the aforementioned Catalan Sports Federation for Persons with Physical Disabilities. This is a rehabilitation project for people with physical disabilities admitted to or recently discharged from the Catalan public hospitals attached to the programme. Hospisport presents and brings together various physical activities adapted to people with a physical disability.

The winners of the first Ponle Freno of 2023

The Badalona Ponle Freno Race It has started and finished on the city’s Paseo Marítimo. The winners in their different modalities have been:

Modality 10 kilometers Male

Dmitrijs Serjogins

Genis Gray Flat

Juan Manuel Alvarez Ramos

Modality 10 kilometers Female

Anna Beltran Cabecerans

Marta Mesalles Lupion

Marta Sabate Tormos

Modality 5 kilometers Male

Lucas Alonso Duro

Oriol Ramirez Llop

David Fernandez Egea

Modality 5 kilometers Female

Elisa Melilli

Aniria Mata Tailor

kitija valtere

Ponle Freno’s footprint for trafficking victims continues to grow

With the 2023 calendar, Ponle Freno will continue stepping on it and making its footprint strongera, that brand that continues after crossing the finish line through the collection of the races. Since it began its journey in 2008, this footprint has managed to raise more than 2.4 million euros, which have allowed the development of projects with the support of different institutions and organizations dedicated to providing victims of traffic accidents with a better quality of life or promote prevention and awareness initiatives. To date, nearly 300,000 runners have participated in one of the Ponle Freno races in its different modalities and places.

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