KFA2 HOF Tactical M1, review and analysis in Spanish

With us today we have the review of the new KFA2 HOF Tactical M1, a mouse focused on players looking for high performance like all the products in the KFA2 Hall Of Fame family. It has a powerful sensor Optical PixArt of 32,000 DPIs and omron switches that promise up to 50 million keystrokes, all in a weight of 125 grams. In addition, it offers wireless connectivity and very ergonomic shapes, so we can ask for little or nothing more. TRUE?

Before starting the review, we want to thank KFA2 for giving us this mouse for our analysis.

Technical Specifications of the KFA2 HOF Tactical M1

KFA2 HOF Tactical M1
Design Right handed
Sensor 32,000 DPI optical PixArt
400 IPS – 40G
Liff off distance: 2mm
Buttons 8 programmable buttons
omrom switches
50 million keystrokes
Lightning ARGB
Connection Wireless 2.4GHz
Detachable USB-C cable
Dimensions 13 x 7 x 4 cm (length, width, height)

Packaging and Accessories

We begin the review of KFA2 HOF Tactical M1 in front of his white cardboard box, the hallmark color of the Hall Of Fame family. On the back we find some of its features and the default use of its buttons.

Inside the packaging, the mouse is very well protected by a plastic frame and a foam cover, leaving the accessories on a second level.

These boil down to wireless receiver and to usb-c cable that allows both recharging your battery and using it wired.

KFA2 HOF Tactical M1

We continue the review of KFA2 HOF Tactical M1 once we extract it from its packaging and place it on our test table. Aesthetically, this is a really attractive mouse in white with gray details, very well finished. offers some dimensions of 13x7x4cm and a weight of 125 grams, so it is wide and somewhat heavy, but not too much. Its well-worked ergonomics make it only compatible with the right hand, so lefties will hardly be able to handle it.

On the upper side, we find ourselves before a couple of main buttons with Omron switches. Among them, we find a metal wheel that offers a brand and precise click, as well as two buttons that by default allow you to change the DPI level. In addition, next to the main button, we find an additional “rapid fire” button that performs three consecutive presses of the main button by default.

From a side view we can appreciate how the KFA2 HOF Tactical M1 it also has the classic pair of side buttons for forward and backward. In addition, the gray area under these has a very good grip, being made of plastic.

The opposite side has a very ergonomic drop to adapt to the shape of the hand, revealing part of the RGB LED lighting that decorates the mouse, which we also see in the logo of the palm area.

In the front area we find a USB-C connector that allows us to use the detachable cable to have a wired connection or to recharge its battery. They do not report the autonomy of this, but with a 2.4 GHz Wireless connection we must have several days without putting the cable back.

We turn the mouse to see how the base has 4 Teflon sliders for a good glide on the table or mousepad. Centered, we find ourselves before a sensor optical signed by Optical PixArt of 32,000 IPRsa truly performance model that also allows you to track movements of up to 400 IPS and 40G. We also find a switch that allows us to turn wireless connectivity off and on.

KFA2 HOF Tactical M1 tests

The time has come in the review of the KFA2 HOF Tactical M1 to check how it behaves. For this, we have used it in office automation and games for a good number of hours, highlighting its good ergonomics for a palm grip. It adapts very well to medium and large hands, being ideal for those who like the support of the palm on its surface.

The performance of its sensor, endorsed by PixArt, is sensational, being very precise throughout its range of DPIs, although above 8,000 personally seems too much to me. In addition, it offers no acceleration and behaves perfectly for all uses.

Finally, note that its somewhat high weight makes it quite precise in movement, but not as light as other models of less weight.


We conclude the review of the KFA2 HOF Tactical M1 highlighting that this is a very complete gaming mouse in which its ergonomics focused on large hands and a palm grip. We also highlight its excellent PixArt optical sensor up to 32,000 DPIs and the Omron main switches that predict a great durability of the product.

We will be able to find it soon for sale by €99.95a high price for a model from a brand that usually sells cheap peripherals, but as it enters the Hall Of Fame range and is of high quality, it is within expectations.

Main advantages
+ 32,000 DPI PixArt optical sensor
+ Excellent ergonomics for a palm grip
+ Omron Main Switches
+ Latency-free wireless connectivity
+ Triple-press “rapid fire” button
Negative Aspects
High price

from the The Computer Tinkerer we grant him the Gold Award to the mouse KFA2 HOF Tactical M1.

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