How much is the salary of a player in the LPL?

Xiaopeng, former Top Esports jungler revealed how much is the minimum salary in competitive Chinese for a player.

One of the most striking issues within the electronic sports industry is that of the salaries of professional players and one of the main leagues of the competitive League of Legends, such as the Chinese league, does not escape the debate. Thanks to a former player TOP Esportswe already know how much is the salary in the LPL.

The salaries of professional players have remained very secretive, with very little information being published regarding this subject. Beyond a great signing, it is rarely talked about how much the professionals earn during a tournament split. This is because it is easier for organizations to negotiate if salaries are not public knowledge.

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The former professional player Wang “Xiaoeng” Peng revealed how much are the salaries in the LPL. The jungler explained how much the minimum salary was in the Chinese competition, during a live broadcast on the Bilibili platform, pointing out that currently the minimum salary that teams pay is 20,000 ¥ per month, which would be $2,912.06 USD in exchange.

While, in the LDL, which is the second division of the professional competition in China, the minimum salary is 6,000 ¥, which would be approximately $873.62 USD. Former substitute jungler for TOP Esports He added that many players currently competing in both tournaments are paid that amount, including substitutes.

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Xiaopeng also spoke about match-fixing fines, this as a reference to the 2021 scandal where several players were involved in match-fixing. If they are caught fixing matches, they will have to pay ¥5 million, which would be about $729,000 USD as a financial penalty.

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