How do I know if my Monitor is compatible with AMD FreeSync?

When we allocate our PC to playin addition to a good graphics and good components on the PC we must also have with a good monitor. Monitors generally have high refresh rates for action games and low response times, but we must also see that our monitor has some technology that allows synchronize the images that the graph sends with it. This is in the case of NVIDIA known as G-SYNC and in AMD is called FreeSyncIn this guide we are going to focus on How to know if your Monitor is FreeSync compatible.

AMD has been based on the VESA Adaptive Sync standard to create their own technology that synchronizes the images that come out of the graphic with the monitor. To be eligible for this technology, all you have to do is the monitor complies with this standard and includes Adaptive Syncsomething that will also be useful to be able to use the NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility in case you have an NVIDIA graphics. But AMD does not have this limitation, you can use their technology FreeSync with your graphics or with graphics from other brandsno problem.

With the passage of time FreeSync has also gone getting betteralthough it is not a technology that requires specific or additional hardware, through software they have gone adapting to new times and new technologies that allow you to squeeze the full potential of the new hardware that is coming onto the market. For this there are 3 versions of its technology:

  • FreeSyncwhich offers a seamless experience and low latency.
  • FreeSync Premiumin addition to the features included in FreeSync, it must have at least a 120Hz refresh rate at FHD resolution and support Low Frame Rate Compensation (LFC).
  • FreeSync Premium Pro includes all the features of FreeSync Premium plus adds low latency SDR and HDR and certified HDR support for color and brightness.

If your monitor has any of these options, the ideal is that enable it to be able to enjoy them.

To know if your monitor has this option the habitual thing is to resort to the characteristics of that concrete model. You can look for the exact model On the manufacturer’s website, a similar model is not worth it since on many occasions they differ in aspects like this. You can too look at the manual if you still have it or see on the packaging if it is advertised as a monitor with any of these 3 variants of AMD FreeSync.

You can too call OSD menu If you cannot find the above information, within the menu there is usually an option to activate AMD FreeSync in case your monitor has this option. You can navigate between the different options to see if it is there and activate it.

Another option to find out if you have FreeSync and if you also have an AMD graphics card is look among the options of the AMD Software: Radeon Adrenalin to search for it and enable it if available. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the AMD Software tweaks: Radeon Adrenalin.
  2. Go to the section of Screen.
  3. Activate AMD FreeSync.

Take advantage of the full potential that your monitor offers you absolutely free with AMD FreeSync in any of its versions. If you don’t have this technology and you use your PC to play, maybe touch a monitor change.

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