Get to know the three free tools from Google to practice English

Google offers three free tools to learn and practice the most important language in the world.

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Learning English as a second or third language is still a necessity in the world in which we live. Whether by necessity or by choice, we are exposed to this language every day. Adding up native and non-native speakers, English is the most used language in the world.

According to Ethnologue, the research center for language intelligence, there are currently 7,168 languages ​​on the planet, a changing number due to constant discoveries. 40% of these are in danger, because they have less than 1000 people who use them, while 23 languages ​​represent more than half of the world’s population.

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Beyond the importance of courses and certificates, which of course are key to knowing and learning a second language, many times we need to learn to hold a daily conversation, be able to express ourselves and be understood, and also understand what others tell us. they say. Therefore, tools that are within our reach and with free access will always be very useful.

The three Google tools to learn English for free

Google, the most famous search engine in the world, published three tools on its official Twitter Colombia account that will help you learn and practice for free: Inverview Warmup, Google Word Coach and the Google Assistant.

  • Practice Speaking: Interview Warmup

This tool will be useful for you to simulate job interviews in English and receive tips to improve your answers. It is a practical and quick way to prepare for an interview, practicing common questions in these spaces. You will be able to have information about your answers, you will feel more comfortable during your actual interview.

Remember there are no qualifications, just ideas about what you said, understand the job related terms you used for your practice interview, review the most used words and talking points you covered. You can use what you have learned and move on to a new round. This is how you build your confidence and security in a judgment-free zone.

  • Increase your vocabulary: Google Word Coach

From your cell phone search for “Google Word Coach” at the top a box with questions will appear, for example “How do you translate the word blood?” will give you two answer options, choose one of the options, and add points, and immediately another trivia will appear. Questions can also contain options with images.

A fun tool that through a game you can learn new words in English daily.

  • Learning Routine: Google Assistant

On your cell phone open the Google assistant and tell it, “Hey Google, teach me English”, a window with recommended videos will be displayed at the top and below you will find a box with phrases on different topics. You will see a blue icon and when you click on it you will hear the pronunciation of the corresponding phrase, then there is the text in English and its translation into Spanish you will find below. At the end of the line, on the “practice” button, you will be able to listen to the phrase again and it will be your opportunity to practice it.

At the bottom of the window there will be an example using the phrases you have already learned and you can continue to the next lesson. It is possible to advance or return with the topics. Turn on notifications to practice a different topic every day. You will start with greetings, conversations about the family, asking about other people, saying goodbye, talking about work, meeting people and, in general, everyday life topics that allow you to carry on common conversations and gradually progress.

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