Gaimin Gladiators vs. Entity. Forecast, Bets and Odds

DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2: Division I

Gaimin Gladiators vs. Entity

Format: BO3

On Monday, March 27, the DPC’s second tour of the 2023 season continues in Western Europe Division I. Gaimin Gladiators and Entity will meet in the first match of a new day.

Gladiators is the champion team of the last major in Lima, and probably the strongest team in the world right now. The interesting thing about this team is that it has the Russian DyrachYO in the first position, who has an incredible performance on the server.

The Gladiators did not win the Western Europe Regional DPC Winter Tour, as they lost to Team Liquid. But once in shape, the European squad simply demolished all their opponents in the South American major. The only team that, in the opinion of the experts, could have stood up to the Gladiators was Team Liquid, but they lost twice against the Gladiators in the major, playing with substitutes, and once already during this Spring tour , even playing with all his starters.

It seemed that nobody could stop the Gladiators this spring in Europe, but it was the game of the champions of the major against Ooredoo Thunders (1-2) that caused a sensation. The Division II team overcame the style and strategy of DyrachYO and company to break their winning streak since the major. In addition to the aforementioned matches, the Gladiators had matches against OG (2-0) and Monaspa (2-1) in this second round of the regional league. The results are not the most consistent, and the guys want to earn more DPC points to get to TI12 for sure.


Last matches of Gladiators

Date Tournament Departure Result
22.03.23 CPD. Western Europe. Upper Division Gaimin Gladiators – OG 2:0
20.03.23 CPD. Western Europe. Upper Division Gaimin Gladiators – Monaspa 2:1
03.15.23 CPD. Western Europe. Upper Division Gaimin Gladiators – Ooredoo Thunders 1:2
03.13.23 CPD. Western Europe. Upper Division Team Liquid – Gaimin Gladiators 0:2
05.03.23 Major Lima. Grand finale Gaimin Gladiators – Team Liquid


Entity managed to qualify for the major in Lima on the winter tour, making their way through a long repechage that lasted several days. In the end, Fishman and company left OG without Major, which was a bit of a surprise. In the South American tournament proper, they finished 5th/6th, which is not bad at all.

In the spring, the Entity roster did not change and started with two solid victories against Nigma Galaxy (2-1) and Monaspa (2-0), but last week the series of failures began, the boys lost against the Tundra Esports teams ( 0:2) and Team Liquid (0:2).

Team Entity maintains the 4th position in Western Europe so far, just like in the last round, it can lead this squad to another major. But you can see that the Entity struggles in matches against the leaders of Europe, and the Gladiators are obviously not going to prove anything, thus giving Fishman and company a chance to catch up with their opponents in the standings. It’s a great opportunity for Entity, but can they beat the defending champions?


Last matches of Entity

Date Tournament Departure Result
03.24.23 CPD. Western Europe. Upper Division Entity – Team Liquid 0:2
20.03.23 CPD. Western Europe. Upper Division Entity – Tundra Esports 0:2
03.17.23 CPD. Western Europe. Upper Division Entity – Monaspa 2:0
03.15.23 CPD. Western Europe. Upper Division Nigma Galaxy – Entity 1:2
04.03.23 major lime Entity – Talon Esports 0:2

This fight promises to be interesting, but we are leaning towards the current champions.

Forecast: Victory of Gladiators with handicap (-1.5) maps.

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