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If you entered FIFA 23 because of the FUT Birthday event, you might have noticed that EA Sports has introduced a content patch. Not only did special cards arrive like Bernardo Silva’s with an average of 92 or Marquinhos’ (91), but now we can play with the teams of the National Women’s Soccer League of the United States.

Let’s remember that EA Sports had committed to women’s soccer. The game started with the 12 teams of the aforementioned league and little by little certain faces, shirts and stadiums have been updated.

Take to the field in four real stadiums with all 12 NWSL teams in a variety of game modes including Classic Kick-off and Co-op Seasons.

You can also compete for the title in Tournament mode by playing a full season with first and second rounds, with an authentic cup and trophy ceremony at the end, or challenge other people and play online friendlies with your favorite club.”, EA detailed at the time of the game’s launch.

The reaction of the players to see their faces in FIFA 23

“I know you hope the women are appreciative that you gave us a bit of publicity, but stop wasting our time. Some of us are bald,” Sydney Leroux (Angel City FC) wrote.

Someone please lmk when they find me, Madison Hammond #99 from Angel City! Because this… It just isn’t!

If you want to get new cards in the Ultimate Team game mode, you can check the FUT Birthday list on the following link.

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