dates and times of all March Monthly Finals

The Brawl Stars Championship (BSC) continues at a great rate, and it does so by holding the Monthly Finals in March this weekend, giving us the opportunity to get a new path of rewards while we enjoy the competitive.

Eight finals through the eight regions in which the competitive of brawl stars, which means eight opportunities to enjoy the direct ones and earn those rewards. Especially if we missed the Monthly Finals in February, and we’re behind on that reward track.

Dates and times of the March Monthly Finals in Brawl Stars

All the live shows can be followed through the official website, this being the only way to interact with the live shows through our Supercell ID, and therefore to win those prizes. In a special month, you have to be especially careful with the time change in many countries during this weekend March 25 and 26.

  • BE – March 25 – 04:00 a.m. TEC
  • India – March 25 – 04:25 a.m. TEC
  • East Asia – March 25 – 05:55 a.m. TEC
  • EMEA – March 25– 10:10 a.m. TEC
  • SA East – March 26– 3:00 p.m. TEC
  • SA West – March 26– 5:50 p.m. TEC
  • N.A. East– March 27– 12:05 p.m. TEC
  • N.A. West– March 27– 02:55 a.m. TEC

This year there has been no special luck for European fans who want to see other regions, except those of Latin America. But we always have the option of taking advantage of the last hours of a late broadcast, or the first hours of one that starts a bit late, and scratch extra points.

  • Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and El Salvador: -7 hours
  • Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Panama: -6 hours
  • Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela: -5 hours
  • Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: -4 hours

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