Carola and Cristinini, participants Permadeaz Cap. 2

During the past weekend the streamer Silithur has continued to show some of the participants of PermadeaZ, Chapter 2. Among the new confirmations there are some surprises and others… that don’t are so much.

Carola and Cristinini, confirmed participants in PermadeaZ, Chapter 2

There are only a few days left before the long-awaited new installment of PermadeaZ, Chapter 2, finally begins. Silithur initially commented that the number of participants would be similar to last year (28), although I fear that we will not be able to have confirmation until the beginning of the series. Last weekend Silithur himself has continued to announce some of the guests that have been confirmed. The first announcement of the weekend was: Lunaria, Zilverk, Agustabell212 and Carola.

The Galician Viking was already there last year and got a worthy participation although he did not manage to reach salvation, we hope that this year he has studied a little to face the challenge. We don’t know if he will team up with Agustabell212, who was also there last year and with whom he is preparing a Rust series. Other confirmed participants in this round are the vtubers Zilverk and Lunariawho were not there last year and we do not know if they are aware of what is coming their way.

Some surprises and others not so much

In the announcement chain we have seen for the first time the confirmation by the organizer that IlloJuan and elBokeron will also participate in the event. A confirmation in which Silithur seems to have wanted to take revenge on the people of Malaga for leak their participation judging by the photos you have chosen for the ad.

The confirmed less secret

Finally, Silithur wanted to surprise us with three other names, some of them very unexpected: Thaniia92, TaeSchnee, and Cristinini. Although it will not be the first rodeo for the first two names, which were already there last year, it will be the first experience of PermadeaZ. In principle and if no setback happens the series will begin next Saturday April 1, in full Easter holidays. Who will be the first to fall?

The amazing trailer for the upcoming series.

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