Berg cosplay as Hitori Goto from the anime Bocchi the Rock!

During the fall 2022 season, the first season of the anime aired. Bocchi the Rock!an original production that tells the story of an introverted high school guitarist named hitori goto. Called Bocchi with affection by her friends, Hitori Goto has just come to life thanks to the new cosplay of the Ukrainian known as Berg. who just presented a tribute to Bocchi the Rock!.

The cosplayer Alice, better known as Berg, has been sharing her excellent cosplays inspired by the most popular anime and manga series for a little over a year, playing dozens of different characters in the time that has passed since then. Berg’s most recent cosplay is one of Hitori Goto, the protagonist of Bocchi the Rock! that she usually hides in a box of ripe mangoes.

In the Bocchi the Rock! We see Hitori Goto join a band as a guitarist, but he has a hard time losing his stage fright and can’t demonstrate his skill in public. Bocchi’s temporary solution was to hide inside a box of ripe mangoes he found at Starry, so Berg accompanied his Hitori Goto cosplay with a cardboard box.

Berg may have cosplayed Hitori Goto without having seen the Bocchi the Rock! anime, as in her post she asked her followers how they feel about people cosplaying characters whose series they haven’t seen yet. In his case, he says he does it often because he doesn’t have the strength to finish watching certain animes, but that doesn’t detract from his work as a cosplayer.

On previous occasions Berg has gone so far as to share multiple versions of the characters he cosplays, both inspired by their original anime and manga looks or never-before-seen outfits that imagine them in new situations. In the case of Hitori Goto, she already transformed into the Bocchi from Bocchi the Rock!, so she could present an original version later.

At the moment he invested you in taking a look at Berg’s profile if you liked his Hitori Goto cosplay, well his tribute to Bocchi the Rock! is only the most recent and in the past he has featured other excellent works inspired by Chainsaw Man, My Dress-Up Darling, Genshin Impact and Kimetsu no Yaiba, as we saw a few months ago with his excellent cosplay of Nezuko Kamado.

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