A player deciphers the origin of the Elden Ring runes

a player of Elden Ring has made an interesting discovery about the runes that players have been collecting since launch.

With runes being the currency of the Elden Ring that are collected in large numbers late game, many may not think much of their relationship to the world at large, but they do share a connection to one of the most fundamental parts of the game. the Middle Lands, and it seems like this is expressed in-game in a small way.

With the attention to detail that developer FromSoftware puts into each of its games, it might not come as much of a surprise that this philosophy has been applied to its biggest title.

Since its release, players of Elden Ring have made interesting discoveries about how the world can be interacted with and small details that the developers have worked to implement to make this world feel more alive.

A small, but interesting detail about the runes that players collect from defeating enemies was recently discovered by a reddit user known as freetrolley42, who drew a fascinating parallel between the coin and the Tree of Erd found in the center of the game. Elden Ring map and history.

A player would have deciphered the origin of the Elden Ring runes

Looking at the rune icon and comparing it to the inside of a tree branch, they realized that both are reasonably similar in shape and freetrolley43 proposed that bits of the Erdtree’s branches are what the runes are made of.

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