Zack Snyder is helping to develop a game based on his upcoming movie, Rebel Moon.

zack snyder He is known for being the director of movies like Justice League and Batman v Superman, and recently started work on a video game During an interview, he revealed that he is assisting in the development of a game based on his next production, Rebel Moon.

The director claims that he did not have to think too much to accept the proposal. To make this possible, contributed by providing details about the history of the universe that he helped create and any other information that developers will need.

He didn’t reveal many details about the game, but explained that there were two proposals to adapt the movie. The first had a smaller scope and limited budget, but Snyder decided to accept the one that promised a much larger size and investment.

Although the director has confirmed the development of a game on his new film, He did not reveal who is responsible or what platforms it could reach. However, there are rumors that Netflix is ​​in charge of leading the adaptation, since the feature film is in charge of the company.

In recent months, Netflix has stepped up its investments in games through the acquisition of studios and the formation of new teams. The company even found studios dedicated to the production of Triple A games, one of which could be the maker of the Rebel Moon game.

Rebel Moon is based on an old Snyder idea for the Star Wars universe, which was never accepted by Lucasfilms. The story will be split into two parts, with the first scheduled for late 2023.

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