What models are the most recommended?

Whatever genre of games you like, a good gaming headset will always help you improve the experience during the game, along with a good configuration for gamers. Therefore, here we bring you a complete guide with everything you need to know to choose the best Razer headsets and we also recommend some interesting models that you should consider. So you will not be fooled and you will be more than satisfied with the next purchase.

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A good gaming headset should sound good. Many models also offer convenient features that can give you a competitive advantage in multiplayer games. And, without a doubt, one of the most prominent are those of the Razer brand…

What should I take into account to choose the best Razer helmets

For choosing the best Razer headsets for gamingyou have to take into account the following notable points:


As you know, Razer is not a brand that stands out especially for having low prices, however it is one of the best and it is worth investing a little more. But this does not take away from the fact that each one has his own budget to investand you must keep it very present.

In this way, you can filter by what you can afford and thus focus on all the models you can afford.

Choose the platform well

Another factor is to consider the platform you will play on:

These are the four most common, and usually one 3.5mm jack connection it may work fine in most cases, but not all have this connector, there are also wireless, USB, etc., and not all are compatible with all these platforms. Therefore, you should always look at the specifications or description to make sure that it is compatible with your platform.

For example, many of these Razer headsets have special software to control certain functions, and this software is generally only available for Windowsso you should discard these models if you are not going to play on PC.

build quality

The build quality it also plays an important role when choosing a Razer gaming headset. Although the brand is a guarantee of quality, you should look at other aspects, since there are models made of plastic and others made of other, more noble materials. Plastic has the peculiarity of creaking and of not being the most resistant material.

Instead, those of aluminum or steel They are more robust and do not need such special maintenance, so they could be a good option. for games.

And not only the material is important, you also have to consider if the headphones come with stranded wires to avoid tangling and improve durability, but not all are like this.


The comfort or comfort of the headphones is also very important when choosing. Always check that they are comfortable, spacious, that they can be adapted to different head contours, and that they have comfortable padding in the headphones. It is also important to see if it is made of leather or what type of fabric, since this could make you more or less hot in times like summer, which can be uncomfortable.

headphones made of fabric tend to have a more breathable mesh design that offers comfort during long gaming sessions, especially when it’s very hot. Headphones made of leather have a closed-back design that provides better isolation from noise from the outside world, they are usually more durable, but they will also make your ears warmer, something that is appreciated in winter, but annoying in summer.

headband and in-ear

As you know, gaming sessions can last for hours, so it’s important to make sure your headset offers total comfort. For example, those of headband type they rest the weight on your head, and may be uncomfortable for some people. Others prefer the in-ear or more compact ones that are inserted into the ear and that will not bother your skull. Although this is a matter of taste.

Integrated microphone?

Having a gaming headset with a good integrated microphone can significantly improve your gaming experience. It allows you to communicate with your friends, which is crucial during multiplayer games.

Most Razer headsets offer this possibility. However, for the best voice chat experience, look for headsets with background noise reduction functions. These headphones pick up your voice more clearly and eliminate constant noise from the environment. These headphones can also be interesting for recording streaming sessions, for youtubers, etc.

Wireless vs Wired

Finally, another important consideration is whether you need a wired Razer headset or whether you prefer wireless. As you know, everyone has its advantages and disadvantages what you should know:

  • Wireless headphones give you greater freedom of movement, without having to be tied to a cable.
  • Wired headphones do not need batteries, so you will not have to be aware of charging them or if they are reaching the end of their autonomy. If they are Razer gaming helmets with RGB, keep in mind that the light can be an extra consumption…
  • Wired headsets often have higher sound quality than wireless headsets due to potential interference.
  • Wireless headphones will allow you to have a more orderly space, without cables in the way.

I advise you to read our guide on the best gaming headphones on the market.

Recommended Razer headset models

Finally, we are going to see some Razer helmet models that we recommend, with which you will almost certainly hit the purchase. Some of the most prominent models are:

Razer Kaira Pro


Razer Kaira Pro – Wireless Headset for PlayStation 5 with Haptic Technology (Razer HyperSense, 50mm Driver, Volume Control, Razer SmartSwitch, RGB Chroma) Black-White

  • Razer HyperSense: By converting sound signals into vibrations in real time, the Razer Kaira Pro provides tactile feedback from within each ear cup, with a level of intensity that can be controlled via the Razer Audio app.
  • Razer TriForce 50mm Titanium Drivers: Featuring titanium-coated drivers for extra clarity, they can tune treble, midrange, and bass separately, producing clearer full-range sound for deeper gaming immersion.
  • Detachable Razer HyperClear Supercardioid Microphone: With increased noise rejection at the sides and rear compared to cardioid microphones, it offers better voice isolation thanks to the microphone control and game-chat balance for optimal audio levels optimal.
  • Razer SmartSwitch: Easily switch between console and phone audio for complete gaming comfort.
  • Low Latency Bluetooth with Fast Connect: Change Game Mode via the Razer Audio app to reduce latency and enjoy fluid gameplay on mobile. Use its Quick Connect feature to switch between previously connected devices with just a tap.

Last update on 2023-02-27

The Razer Kaira Pro model is one of the best wireless headphones you can buy, suitable for PlayStation 5. It is a device with haptic technology, Razer HyperSense, 50mm diameter, built-in volume control, Razer SmartSwitch, RGB Chroma and integrated microphone.

Razer Thresher 7.1


Razer Thresher 7.1 for PlayStation Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4, PS5 and PC, Wireless Headphones, Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, 16h Playtime, Retractable Microphone, Black-Blue

  • Dolby Headphone with 7.1 Surround Sound: By incorporating Dolby Headphone, the Razer Thresher for PS4 delivers an industry-leading dose of acoustic realism
  • Instant Wireless Connection and Digital Microphone: The Razer Thresher for PS4 is engineered to ensure instant connection over long distances of up to 40 feet/12 meters
  • Lightweight leatherette ear cushions: Designed for complete comfort even during marathons of gaming, the soft, lightweight ear cushions are made of memory foam and leatherette to perfectly contour to the shape of your head
  • 50mm drivers: for surprisingly powerful audio
  • Dolby 7.1 surround sound: For better positional sound. 2.4GHz Wireless USB Adapter – Wireless and lag-free in a small package

Last update on 2023-02-27

On the other hand, we have another of the best Razer helmets, such as the Razer Thresher 7.1 model, wireless headphones compatible with PS4, PS5 and PC, with a battery life of up to 16 hours with a single charge, retractable microphone, and Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

Razer Kaira-X

Razer Kaira X Wired Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5 + PC + Mac + Switch + Mobile (50mm Drivers, Cardioid Mic, Volume Control) Black and White

  • RAZER TRIFORCE 50MM DRIVERS: The Razer Kaira X features drivers that can tune treble, midrange and bass separately, producing brighter, clearer sound with richer treble and powerful bass.
  • RAZER HYPERCLEAR CARDIOID MICROPHONE: The foldable microphone features enhanced coating and voice pickup that cancels out sound from the sides and rear, as well as mic control and game-chat balance to ensure optimal levels.
  • FlowKnit breathable memory foam ear cushions: Breathable fabric minimizes heat and sweat build-up, while the soft foam’s enhanced density dramatically reduces pressure from the headset for comfortable support during marathon gaming.
  • Mic Mute Button: Located below the left earcup, this allows you to easily turn the Razer HyperClear cardioid microphone on and off.
  • Volume Slider: The control built into the headphones gives you the convenience of being able to adjust audio levels without having to fiddle with any system or program settings.

Last update on 2023-02-27

The Razer Kaira X is also an alternative. These are Razer gaming and wired headsets. Since they use a 3.5 mm jack, you can connect them to both the PlayStation 5, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It includes a 50mm diaphragm, cardioid microphone and integrated volume control.

Razer Kraken V3X

Last update on 2023-02-27

The Razer Kraken V3 X is the next model. In this case it is a device with a USB connection for gaming. It works on both PC, Mac and PlayStation platforms. They’re lightweight, feature a 40mm TriForce driver, 7.1 surround sound, and a built-in HyperClear cardioid microphone.

Razer Kraken


Razer Kraken – Wired Gaming Headset for Cross-Platform Games for PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch, 50mm Driver, 3.5mm Cable with Line-In Controls – Green

  • OPTIMIZED 50MM DRIVERS: Deliver a wide soundscape, from the subtle footsteps coming at you from behind to the battle explosions that finish you off
  • COOLING GEL EAR PADS: Cooling gel ear cushions reduce heat, while the soft fabric and synthetic leather combination provides optimal sound insulation and comfort; their oval design ensures they will fit comfortably in your ears
  • UNIDIRECTIONAL RETRACTABLE MICROPHONE: Unidirectional microphone offers crystal clear communication with your team; it is retractable and flexible, allowing you to remove it from the headset when needed and adjust the proximity and position
  • BAUXITE ALUMINUM FRAME WITH THICKER PADDING: Light weight, durable and flexible; headband padding relieves pressure on the head, making the headset even lighter
  • MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY: Compete on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and mobile devices with the 3.5mm mini-jack combo connector

Last update on 2023-03-12

Finally, we also have the Razer Kraken helmets, for those looking for something cheaper. These gaming headphones use a 3.5mm jack cable. And they are cross-platform compatible, such as PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc. Its diaphragm is 50 mm and they integrate a microphone.

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