They create an incredible gaming PC inspired by The Last of Us

A talented artist has created an amazing pc personalized inspired by The Last of Us. The creation was on display at PAX-East in Boston, and many players who saw it couldn’t help but express their amazement.

Released in 2013, The Last of Us became popular for its post-apocalyptic story and exciting gameplay. Its story centers on Joel and Ellie, who travel across America while fighting mutated cannibals, collectively known as the Infected.

The game universe was further expanded with the premiere of the hit adaptation of the HBO series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. The world of The Last of Us has provided players with memorable characters and enemies, especially the terrifying Clickers, which is why many fans often use them as subjects for their artwork.

One of the most recent is the amazing custom PC by Blue Horse Studios with 3D printed figures of Ellie playing the guitar and a Clicker. The PC is modeled after a large ventilation shaft with cordyceps crawling up the sides.

The studio also posted a 16-minute video on its YouTube channel showing the entire process, including satisfying shots of the creation of the figures.

Many fans of The Last of Us from various social networks praised the creation of Blue Horse Studios’ incredible PC and the amount of detail that went into it. Some PAX-East attendees also shared photos of the build, saying it looked even more amazing in person.

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