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Lima.- The thrill of winning money by chance, skill or with some knowledge of trends is increasingly popular, but the experience can stop being pleasant when you can’t stop betting. It is said that the player is the one who decides how much and when to play; others that the authorities should intervene against compulsive gambling; Still others consider that technology can play a major role in regulating access to online casinos according to the profile of each user.

The person who gambles can easily lose control, especially if he has a tendency to develop an addictive personality. “It is important to consider players who are intentionally seeking to conceal their own identity, either because of a negative history, seeking to commit some form of fraud, or to circumvent minimum age requirements, to name a few,” said Samer Atassi, vice president of Jumio for Latin America.

The reality is that in Latin America the laws of online games are very diverse, each nation promotes its own rules, which do not always coincide and, therefore, make regional coordination difficult.

“As the debate about responsible gambling, whether physical or online, proliferates, so do the technologies that automatically allow or prohibit certain players from participating in online gambling,” Samer said.

The different options suggest that there is not a single answer, and in the future there must be a platform capable of linking different signals and providing information to the game coordinators together with the authorities.

As an organization it is important to contribute to responsible gaming and help operators comply with legal mandates by verifying player eligibility based on age and location (as required by state or region), and verifying that they are not appear on the lists of politically exposed persons, in records of sanctioned persons, or with negative media coverage.

For casino operators it is crucial to offer players a smooth and frictionless experience, but also to comply with applicable laws. Therefore, it is important to have continuous monitoring solutions to ensure that users remain trustworthy and do not use the online casino to commit financial crimes, such as money laundering.

As the industry evolves, regulations respond to ensure order, and the debate over liability gambling continues. It is essential to make sure you know exactly who is playing on the other side of the screen and at the same time give them the best user experience.

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