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    It seems sensible to say that, in recent times, a vast majority of racing games have become increasingly complexwanting to resemble those simulators that have already created, around them, a microworld of professionalized virtual competition.

    The advancement of hardware and current consoles has favored this trend, which is not negative ‘per se’, but which has had the consequence a certain detriment to the more ‘arcade’ titleswhich are the ones that tend to attract the younger public to this particular genre… and which, at present, are conspicuous by their scarcity.

    Now, by the hand of the distributor 2K Interactive, the Lego franchise comes to balance the scales with such an accessible and casual proposal like your own product. With the name of ‘Lego 2K Drive’ we are presented with a car and racing game that promises to be the favorite of the smallest ‘gamers’ in the house.

    Build, run, fly…

    At the moment Lego has only revealed a first trailer for the game, but that already leaves us with enough clues. To begin with, Lego 2K Drive transports us to Brickland, the original world of this mythical construction game that we will be able to travel at ease with any of the vehicles available.

    Said world will be divided into several areas, all of them inspired by the usual themed sets of Lego boxes. Thus, we will find everything from the dynamic and sophisticated ‘City’ to outer space, passing through haunted lands plagued by ghosts and skeletons.

    lego 2k drive trailer

    2K Interactive

    This variety of scenarios will have its echo in the repertoire of vehicles, which will include virtual representations of various models from the Lego Creator, Technic or Speed ​​Champions collections, among which are models that emulate real cars. Likewise, it will be possible to drive other types of vehicle such as boats or planes.

    And if for whatever reason you can’t find your ideal car, you can build it from scratch with the help of a powerful editor, with total freedom and all existing Lego pieces at your disposal. As the trailer shows, if you want to drive a burger or a chicken, go ahead. Another thing will be to make them run…

    lego 2k drive trailer

    2K Interactive

    Apparently, the races would have a format very similar to casual games of the genre such as the well-known ‘Mario Kart’ with intricate and crazy tracks full of shortcuts and power-ups that will transform our car in a thousand different ways for a few seconds. And of course there will be multiplayer options, allowing several players on the same console or computer.

    Lego 2K Drive is scheduled to goes on sale next May 19. It will be available for practically all consoles on the market: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It can also be purchased for PC through the Steam and Epic Games platforms.

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