Square Enix releases the first trailer for Symbiogenesis, its NFT-based game

The Square Enix project known as symbiogenesis received its first official trailer this week. they promise combine video game elements with collectible NFT systemsyes, as you read, Square Enix continues to insist on NFTs, and they will also be necessary to unlock the end of the title.

The trailer lasts a little over 40 seconds, but it does not reveal any information or details about the gameplay of the title. The company claims it will be a “whole new way of entertainment with NFT” and will offer more than 10,000 collectible works of art.

According to Square Enix, each of them will represent a unique character, with a design, race and profession different from the others. It also promises that purchased items can be exchanged according to the wishes of each owner or used as profile images on social networks.

Each Symbiogenesis character will be unlocked as we progress through the story, which will be divided into 6 parts. His end will be determined according to the different NFTs that can be found in the game world.

Square Enix is ​​a big supporter of Web3, NFTs and blockchains, but still doesn’t want to associate them with its more well-known franchises like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Although the company is expected to change its CEO very soon, the first candidate to take the job also seems to be a big devotee of these technologies as part of Square Enix’s future.

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