Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide | Main Story: Chapter 16

We continue with the Main Story of Resident Evil 4 remake with the Chapter 16 of the game. On this page of our guide to Resident Evil 4 remake We tell you how to complete the Chapter 16:

Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide | Chapter 16

You start in the lab with Ashley, where you can read some very revealing documents and pick up some items. Go outside and help her up so that she drops the ladder and can climb up it. Go forward along the walkway and after crossing a cave you will be in a sanctuary, where you must be careful because there are several camouflaged Novisators (as soon as you get close they will attack you).

At the back of the room a treasure awaits you that you can sell for a good price (Pendant of the Enlightened) and read a couple of documents. You can get there from the left side of the area, passing under a column. In any case, the main path is to the right, climbing up a ledge and opening a door that connects with another cavern. More columns… and more Novistadores waiting for the perfect moment to ambush you.

a few seconds later you will see the Peddler, and this time is the last time in the gameso beyond optimizing your resources, save the game and go down the elevator that is on the precipice as soon as you go outside.

Boss | saddler

The game does not end after the fight; you still have to escape the island with Ashley. you are about 3 minutes to do it, although do not worry because it is very simple. Get out of the elevator, save game on the typewriter and on when you cross a bridge you will have to pay attention to press the indicated button and not fall into the abyss. Raise the closet and a little further on an enemy will attack you. Get rid of him and keep running without looking back.

From this point on, the enemies are not hostile, so ignore them and continue down the only path available. In any case, The most important thing is that you destroy the mechanical castellano 16 that is in this last zone (check the link and if by chance you have skipped it, load the autosave file and repeat the section to get itsince they are only a couple of minutes and you are not going to annoy the collection at the last moment.

You will arrive at a jetty where you will have to get on the jet ski and escape on it. This section has been slightly modified from the original game, as you have to dodge more obstacles and it is slightly longer, but in essence it is the same: press the trigger to accelerate and use the left stick to avoid colliding with rocks and debris. When you see the light at the end of the tunnel, relax and enjoy the final scenes.

!! Congratulations!! You have completed Resident Evil 4 Remake! But don’t turn off the console because you still have many things to do.

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