realme expands R&D resources to enhance cutting-edge technology

realme seeks to make cutting-edge technologies more accessible to everyone

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realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, announced an investment in research and development (R&D) resources in a center called the Realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology, located in Shenzhen, China, with a branch specialized in India.

This Institute joins four other major global realme design studios in accelerating innovations in smartphone design. The R&D resources represent realme’s strategy and determination to accelerate innovations for future product development.

In this opportunity, the Shenzhen Institute will be in charge of developing important technological innovations, while the research and development center in India will have the main task of collecting and classifying the comments of the user community to guide the development of future projects. This will lead to a more agile and adaptable improvement that will allow Realme to offer greater speed and quality in its technologies, products and marketing.

The realme Global Institute of Leap Forward Technology includes more than 60 technical experts to oversee the competition for future products, while realme announced the expansion of its R&D team, which now comprises 60% of the total brand employees , aiming at innovation in six key points: fast charging, photography, screens, games, chipset and industrial design.

In addition, the Institute will work in parallel with mobile industry partners and laboratories (internal and external), which will accelerate the exploitation of user demand and a more efficient operation between R&D and marketing.

In this regard, Yao Kun, president of global research and development at realme, said: “Innovation enables faster technological transformation through inventions that did not exist. Therefore, we are proud to announce that the realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology has been established to create a research framework to support the growth of our business in the future and create advanced technologies that the market needs.”

In this way, each step of realme in product development will be based on the Spire strategy, which means that each new product created will be equipped with at least one of the advanced technologies as follows: cutting-edge technology, experience, design and performance.

Thus, Realme has dedicated itself to providing products aimed at its fans with more focused design technologies. Through the Spire strategy, the brand will enhance the product experience, where each one will be supported by superior designs, performances and experiences. The three foundations will be the stable foundation of this “tower”, of the entire product experience, from technology to design, performance and more.

In addition, the brand confirms a strategic update of its C Series

A brand study found that 70% of C-series users would like more storage, 56% a better camera and 50% would like faster charging on their cell phones.

For this reason, the brand seeks to position its C series as “the champion of the segment”, with the aim of creating “a champion phone that everyone can afford to buy”.

With strategic upgrades, the new C-series will achieve segment-leading technology focused on imaging, storage, fast charging, and design. Therefore, to offer an improved user experience, I will really make efforts in three aspects in the C series: offer a camera with more pixels, more storage and faster charging in its terminals.

In addition, with the aim of offering a user experience that exceeds expectations, realme will include more innovative features in the C series. With this, the brand adheres to bringing bold designs, typical of high-end, to the cell phones of the series. C, surpassing all other phone designs in the segment.

Although it had launched the Spire strategy in the GT and Number series, now the brand incorporates it for its C series showing determination to redefine the phone in its price range, making this a product line with the flagship standard.

The Spire strategy illustrates that a product will lead with a great technological leap -innovation-, to be part of realme’s flagship product tower. In addition, you will be supported by superior design, performance and experiences, which are the stable foundation of this tower.

The company believes that phones in any segment do not have to sacrifice or downgrade their specifications, and therefore the brand promises to continue offering leading features in each category of smartphones so that they exceed the expectations of their users, whatever the price range in which the consumer is interested.

With such strategic upgrades to the C series, Realme will offer products with more exciting features that will make them leaders in their segment. The new C series (improved) pursues the goal of being the best option in its category, and Realme illustrates that C is for “Champion”.

In addition to promoting the concept that “we are all champions in life”, it really wants young people around the world to grow and enjoy their champion experience at every moment.

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