Microsoft confirms that it is developing its own app store

The application stores that current smartphones have installed by default in their interfaces can be summarized in two: the App Store, for iOS, and the Play Store, for Android. It is true that there are other less used ones, but the ones that stand out are the ones mentioned. Xbox, the video game division of Microsoft, wants to join this market Or, at least, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming and top boss of Xbox, has shown interest in an interview in the Financial Times.

Spencer’s idea is that content from Xbox and other third party studios can be played “on any screen” And that includes cell phones. The project may have been carried out since the problems that the brand had with the main app stores began and that caused Fornite to stop being available for a while in them.

After the closure of the company that had the gold Wii made, it was not known what had become of the console until 2021.

The CEO of Xbox pointed out that his app store would take into account the approaching digital future where they consider that mobile phones “will be more open.” Spencer details that, for this, he has in mind the Digital Markets Act of the European Union that was planted in 2022 and that seeks fairer competition and mitigate monopolies. Thanks to future European regulations, it is expected that companies will have more facilities to create alternative application stores to Google Play and the App Store.

While this bill is still in the pipeline, Microsoft will likely complete its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which would make it the owner of a wide variety of mobile games, like Diablo and Call of Duty: Mobile, or King’s Candy Crush.

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