Matamarcianos, Street Fighter and many other classics, protagonists of the international arcade esports festival held in Spain

The Mikado Fightcade Offline Festival takes place this weekend in Navarra, with 50 arcade games available to the public.

The relationship that esports can have with the street fighter games Today it is clear: there are fighting competitions where professionals often face off against the most recent installments. But what if I told you that there is an international esports festival of arcade games? That is what he proposes. Mikado Fightcade Offline Festivalwhich takes place in Spain this weekend.

It is celebrated this weekend in Cascante, Navarra

It is a unique event that begins this Friday and offers an international arcade esports festival with various activities, including for the first time in history the fact that it will bring together the entire collection of shmups from the mythical company CAVE (more popularly known as the shooter games) or the mythical Super Street Fighter II X, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike or Ultra Street Fighter IV, among others.

In addition, the event held in Navarra will allow attendees to enjoy 50 arcade machines available for the public to mash buttons and participate in tournaments, although exhibitions will also be available from the best players in the world, who will be present at the festival in person.

It is celebrated this weekend

If you are interested in being at the Mikado Fightcade Offline Festival, we remind you that It is celebrated in Navarra on March 17, 18 and 19, specifically in the Avenida Cultural Center, in Cascante. The hours on Friday and Saturday are from eleven in the morning to eleven at night, while on Sunday it also opens its doors at eleven, but closes them at seven in the evening.

The Ticketing It is already available both online and can be purchased in person at the festival, and you have on these same lines the agenda of streaming of the festival itself, which can be followed through Youtube during the three days.

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