LEC: Fnatic get their first classic of the season against G2 Esports

Fnatic raises its head by dominating G2 and manages to qualify for the best of three in the LEC Spring Split.

The competitive professional League of Legends in Europe is in a defining stage with the last week of the regular phase of the Spring Split of the League of Legends EMEA Championship(LEC). After a forgettable start, Fnatic manages to recover and get their first classic against G2 Esports so far this season.

fnatic who marked one of his worst splits in his history in the Winter tournament, managed to raise his head after starting off on the wrong foot in the first days of Spring. The Orange squad added its fourth consecutive victory by imposing itself forcefully against a G2 Esports who could not stop the Spanish from the orange squad.

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The game started with fnatic taking advantage with good hunts from Ivan “Razork” Martin with his Wukong, taking advantage in kills, although G2 Esports responded by taking out the first objectives of the matchup. The team fights were in favor of the orange team that executed its composition better, widening the difference in favor of Oscar “Oscarinin” Muñoz and his compatriot.

fnatic got a hunt against Michael “Mikyx” Mehle who was trying to push the top lane alongside Steven “Hans Sama” Liv, but it ended with the death of the support and Baron Nashor in his favor. Against the ropes, G2 looked for an initiation to prevent the rival from finishing off his Inhibitor’s towers and although it seemed that the game was over, the Samurai managed to stand up, to prevent their nexus from falling, remaining only two hits away.

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The orange squad got a little complicated at the end of the match, forcing plays and falling into despair to close the game. However, G2 Esports He managed to respond to his rival’s attempts and it seemed that he could extend the game a few more minutes. razork stole the Baron Nashor that allowed him to fnatic make the last push to stay with the victory.

with his victory, fnatic ensures their classification to the next stage of the LEC Spring Split, despite the fact that he still has one game of the regular season left. The orange team could achieve their fifth consecutive victory this Monday by taking on Astralis to finish in the top four of the standings.

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