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The ‘Vipers’ were penultimate in the season table. They only maintained a good performance during the first three days and from there many points were left in the different weeks. However, they are now one step away from the title of Claro Gaming Stars League.

The official LoL league in Peru closed round 4 of the qualifiers on March 22, where Universitario eSports failed to score a point against Vipers. In this way, the ‘Vipers’ go to the next round and will have to face the Spectacled Bears.

The Vipers entered the playoffs in the worst position possible: the deathmatch against Diamond Doves that defined who was next in the race. After beating them, he faced Antares Esports, then Rey Eye and then Universitario.

On Saturday, March 25, the semifinal of the tournament will take place. Remember that there is already a finalist. Incubus defeated Spectacled Bears three to one and went directly to the grand final.

Claro Gaming Stars League Semifinal

  • Spectacled Bears vs. Vipers – March 25 6:00 pm

You can follow the tournament through the official Twitch and YouTube channels of the Professional Video Game League. We share the links below.

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