Lauren is the adorable Chopper with her One Piece cosplay

Although in One Piece we meet a countless number of characters throughout its long history, in the cosplay scene the same dozen are usually paid tribute, so it is always a surprise to see that someone decides to transform into Tony Tony Chopper. Among the most recent cosplays of this adorable human reindeer is the one made by the talented Lauren Leighwhich came to become one of the favorites of anime and manga fans.

Over the years we have seen thousands of cosplays dedicated to characters like Nami, Boa Hancock or Nico Robin from One Piece, but we cannot say the same about Chopper cosplays. Luffy’s crew doctor, considered his mascot by most people, is a fan favorite for his adorable design from the Fishman Island arc and he himself was brought to life with cosplay by Lauren Leigh.

Chopper was never the same after the time jump two years after the Marineford arc, as his design changed slightly and made him one of the most adorable creatures in One Piece. Likewise, Lauren Leigh’s Tony Tony Chopper cosplay quickly became one of the most adorable this talented model has ever put together, as you can see below.

Ten days ago, Lauren Leigh published three photos of her Chopper cosplay inspired by the One Piece anime and manga, along with two illustrations of this cotton candy lover that show us his original appearance. In addition to wearing the same beanie Chopper wears, Lauren did her makeup in such a way that she turned into a reindeer girl, the perfect look for a Mugiwara doctor genderbend cosplay.

In the year that Lauren Leigh has been active, she has presented several cosplays inspired by One Piece, as she has transformed into both Nami with the appearance of Fishman Island and Nico Robin with a Dressrosa cosplay. However, at the moment Chopper is the only character that she has presented in a genderbend version, but we hope that the publication that we shared a little above is not the only one that she makes.

At the moment, all that remains is to follow Lauren Leigh on her social networks to be among the first to see her following publications that pay tribute to One Piece, because judging by her latest works we can expect more cosplays of this type. Meanwhile, Lauren has transformed into Nico Robin, Nami and Chopper, thus crossing three Straw Hat crew members off the list.

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