Laporta’s turn to involve the new generations of Barça

FC Barcelona looks to the future, and not only in the sporting field. With an average age among its partners of 26 years, Joan Laporta and the vice president of the marketing area, Juli Guiuare looking for formulas to retain the youngest, attract more and more followers through social networks and, ultimately, to carry out innovative actions that serve to boost ordinary income in the next years.

The arrival of Spotify as main sponsor, last summer, was valued not only for the economic return that the music company in streaming was able to offer throughout the contract years. He was also for the multiple possibilities and joint bets that could be carried out to boost the economy of the entity. Proof of this are the collaborations made in the classics with Drake and rosaliatwo fashionable singers among young people.

The campaign by the artist from Sant Esteve de Sesrovires with the Barça club has been especially beneficial. Fans They bought in mass and sold out two limited versions of the t-shirt, and that they had to scratch their pockets. The club put up for sale an edition of 1,899 units for a price of 399.99 euros. And for collectors with high purchasing power, there was another, more exclusive option: 22 units –11 male and 11 female– which cost €1,999.99 each and they were signed by the footballers. Both editions took just a few hours to sell out.

Rosalía, posing with her new special FC Barcelona / FCB shirt

FC Barcelona’s foray into eSports

In another order, it has not been a coincidence either FC Barcelona’s foray into eSports. He barcaIn search of diversifying its income in the last couple of years, it has decided to bet on a sector that has increased its influence in the economic field before the huge number of fans that agglomerate their tournaments. While it is true that the directive of laporta has not yet found a vein to shape said discipline of the entity, the first steps have already been taken in the creation of a new sector that will report benefits in the future.

The eSports section of the FC Barcelona has worked since birth with videogames eFootball PEShe Rocket Leaguehe hearthstone and recently the League of Legends, the latter being a favorable step to obtain greater notoriety in the Spanish market. However, specialized sources in the sector gaming ensure that the club chaired by Joan Laporta also contemplates the option of entering the tournament of Valorantin order to continue to attract audiences and attract attention among the most gamers.

World LOL competition, with Barça as a participant / NETWORKS

Piqué’s Kings League, at the Camp Nou

At the same time, it should be remembered that this Sunday, March 26, the the final phase of the Kings League of Gerard Piqué in it Camp Nou. The tournament, which has broken audience records through twitch since its start-up, it will arrive at the culé sanctuary with an absolute sellout in the stands. In addition to using the full capacity of the stadium to celebrate the aforementioned commitments, various concerts by famous artists among the youngest.

“We have said that Piqué is part of Barça’s history. It also benefits us because it links us to a new form of entertainment.. We are not aware that soccer is losing audiences among the younger public, ”he said at the time. Joan Laporta.

The hug between Joan Laporta and Gerard Piqué, during a transmission of the Kings League / REDES

Commercial bets with ecological seal

Leaving aside the agreements and bets mentioned, it is no secret that the FC Barcelona is trying to boost commercial agreements with brands that transmit values ​​of ecological and environmental culture. As examples, it is enough to cite recently signed sponsorships with Vegan Nation or Heura Foodswho seek to get closer to the way of understanding the world of the new generations of Barcelona fans.

Laporta and his board of directors they know that, to have a greater engagement among new members and followers, need to diversify and modernize. They are trying, although for now it is not enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel on an economic level.

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