Kings League live: Final Four results and goals

This Sunday is not just any day. Today is the big day of the kings league who will live a whole afternoon of strong emotions with a Final Four from which the first champion in the history of a competition that has not gone unnoticed by anyone will emerge.

Loved by many, criticized by others, the Kings League embraced every meme against it from the very beginning, which helped it to continue growing and accumulate success that has led them to become a phenomenon both on social networks, and of course. broadcasts on Twitch and TikTok.

Today we leave the Cupra Arena to move to nothing less than a Camp Nou crowded with more than 90,000 peoplewho will join the hundreds of thousands regulars on the different platforms, and who will enjoy a unique live show, and which many other countries already want to adapt.

Kings League: schedules and where to see the semifinals and final of the Camp Nou

Kings League Final Four results and goals

There have been eleven intense days, of which the best eight reached the playoffs. But of those eight, only four would get a ticket for this Final Four of the Kings League. The creme de la creme, those who have proven to be at the best level at the most decisive moment of this first season.

Annihilators (JuansGuarnizo) 2*-2 Los Troncos FC (Perxitaa)

  • 1-0 Guilles V. 18′
  • 2-0 Bernat 20+1′
  • 2-1 Edgar Alvaro 30′
  • 2-2 Dorkis 32′
    • 0-1 Verdu
    • 1-1 Guilles V.
    • 1-1 Carlos Planas X
    • 1-1 Fran Hernandez X
    • 1-1 Edgar Alvaro X
    • 1-1 Bernat X
    • 1-2 David Soriano
    • 2-2 Nadir
    • 2-2 Xavi Molas X
    • 2-2 Roger X
    • 2-2 Raul Martinez X
    • 3-2 Jorquera

The Neighborhood (Adri Contreras) 4-3 Saiyans FC (Grefg)

  • 1-0 Ubon 18′
  • 1-1 R.Carbó 18′
  • 2-1 Beguer 19′
  • 2-2 R. Carbó 19 ‘
  • 3-2 Ubon 25′
  • 3-3 Grefg 37′ (p.)
  • 4-3 Rose 40′

Annihilators (JuansGuarnizo) vs The Neighborhood (Adri Contreras)

And if some thought that this was the end, far from it. In just a week the transfer market in which there will be at stake no less than 1200 million euros of budget. A whole intense month to learn about the different termination clauses, and which presidents are going for the biggest stars of the rest of the teams and reinforce themselves for a second split that begins in May.

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