Insomniac talks about a “very cool” system for their next game, and it doesn’t take long for fans to theorize about two of their most anticipated titles – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Lead engine programmer Elan Ruskin says the studio is working on a major dialogue improvement.

There are not a few players who are waiting for news about the projects of Insomniac Games, as this developer has proven to be one of the heavyweights in the industry at the moment. With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 dated for this autumn and the announcement of a Marvel’s Wolverine that has excited a good handful of fans, we have good reasons to raise our expectations for future games from the company.

Although it is true that Insomniac has not yet delved into all the news that awaits us in his next adventures, his team does not hesitate to leave us a small and interesting pill of information. As they initially point out from TwistedVoxelthe main engine programmer, Elan Ruskin, has taken advantage of a broadcast of twitch to comment on an aspect they are working on: “There are very good dialogue technology that will come with the next game”.

As expected, fans have not been slow to launch theories about which installment will benefit from this dialogue system. Many think that Insomniac Games’ “next game” refers to Spider-Man 2, which could mean the appearance of ramifications in a conversation. However, there are those who consider that this data may be focusing solely on the Wolverine title, about which we still know little.

Spider-Man 2 will be “a massive game”

Be that as it may, this is one more example that Insomniac will continue to surprise us from all fronts. After all, few expected the team to get down to business with a mature-toned adventure centered on Wolverineand the voice actor of Peter Parker claims that Spider-Man 2 will be “a massive game”. We will be able to verify these last statements at some point in the next fallsince the adventure of Spidey and Miles is dated for this time.

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