How many hours does Resident Evil 4 Remake and the original RE4 last

Just 2 days ago, fans finally received the long-awaited release of Resident Evil 4 Remakeand although some players prefer not to know, as this can be taken as a spoiler, some others are wondering how long does it take to finish Resident Evil 4 Remake, and how it compares to the length of the original. So here we tell you.

Resident Evil 4 Remake will make you fight numerous enemies, search for treasures, solve puzzles and discover new secrets. However, you may be wondering, how much time does it take to finish the game in one run and is it similar to the original version of the game; so here we got down to work to clarify these doubts.

How many hours does Resident Evil 4 Remake last?

How many hours does Resident Evil 4 Remake last and how many hours does the original Resident Evil 4 last?

Resident Evil 4 Remake adds new features to the original game, but those only interested in the main story line can expect a game of about 12 hoursmore or less the same as the original 2005 game lasted.

However, with plenty of optional side quests, collectibles, and upgrades to complete outside of the main story, a game at 100% it could take a lot longer about 25 hours or morewhile a game consisting of the main story plus some side content, but not all, on Standard difficulty, will be around 15-20 hours.

Your game time in Resident Evil 4 Remake depends on how often you stray from the main path. It’s worth noting that Resident Evil 4 also has challenges to keep players hooked.

One of them, “Sprinter”, requires you to complete the game in eight hours. It’s pretty forgiving for a speedrun, especially when you consider that you can unlock New Game Plus, as well as various items, later on. So a 15-20 hour run on your first try, on Standard difficulty, would be normal.

Lastly, Resident Evil 4 Remake also has unlockable weapons and outfits, some of which are more akin to cheat codes due to the effects they provide. However, there are some that have specific unlock requirements, including reaching high rankings based on time of completion.

So if you want to finish the campaign early in later games once you’re familiar with the encounters, unlockables, and story progression, it will be easier.

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