Genshin Impact fan art imagines Mika as an adult

a fan of Genshin Impact has created an interesting fan art conceptual that imagines Mikathe young surveyor from Mondstadt as an adult.

Hailing from the Mondstadt region, Mika is one of the latest additions to the Genshin Impact roster of playable characters.

Last September, Mika appeared for the first time as an NPC in the “Sing of Cups” event, during the life of Genshin Impact version 3.1. Mika is Hoffman’s younger brother and a gentleman who currently works as a frontline surveyor for the Eula Reconnaissance Company.

Despite his shy nature and young age, Mika is mature and carries out his duties as a knight earnestly. He was also shown in character reading a letter from Grand Master Varka, the absent leader of the Knights of Favonius. Amber and Eula would speak to the Traveler about Mika, but the character would not appear in Genshin Impact again until the release of update 3.5 on March 1.

Now, a reddit user, Majunjuu, has created fan art of Mika, showing the character ten years in the future as an adult. The adult version of Mika is much taller than her older brother Ella Huffman, and the concept art shows Mika apologizing for her growth spurt over the years.

Cool Genshin Impact Fan Art Imagines Mika As An Adult

Additionally, Mika wears a Recon Company uniform which is appropriate for combat if stealth is no longer an option. Mika’s current outfit in Genshin Impact was designed for exploration and expeditions.

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