Fnatic and KOI comply, MAD Lions and Team Heretics suffer

Day 7 of the LEC, live

This afternoon will begin the last week of the first phase of the LEC. We enter these last three days with absolutely everything to decide, without knowing who will be the champion with a four-way tie for first place nor who will be the teams eliminated from the BO3.

Team Heretics and Astralis will be the first to play today, a key map for the heretics, who have yet to play against SK and Vitality. The Spanish team is with a 2-4 with which their qualification to the next phase is seriously endangeredwhile the astrales are better positioned with a 3-3 and with a more affordable schedule, with Excel and Fnatic on the horizon.

KOI is the other team with three winsand today he can practically certify his presence in the next phase with a win against Excelwhich is 2-4. The tents have started with many ups and downs this spring splitand we will see how Malrang is affected by the entry of the new patch with the changes to the jungle.

Vitality and BDS will break their four-win tie in the standings.The bees finished last week with two losses that again leave doubts hovering over the French team, who were undefeated the first four days. On the other hand, the swiss team got off to an excellent start to the splitwhich almost leaves them already classified for the best of three.

One of today’s matches is Fnatic – MAD Lionsin which both teams play a lot. The oranges come from a 2-1 week in which they have revived their options to be in the next phase, after some disastrous first days. In the house of the lions the situation is also somewhat worrisome, with a Elyoya who is not having good games, and the team is noticing it greatly. Both teams are 2-4, and today’s win is vital.

Finally, the defending G2 champion will face SK Gaming. This match will also break the four-win tie between the two teams, which co-lead the table with Vitality and Team BDS. The samurai start as favourites, but the Germans are playing a game with which they are surprising all of Europe. Great match that we have to close today’s day.

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